Many women know about the technology that is gaining popularity, mirror manicure. But consider it not applicable in life, so as to achieve the mirror effect nail Polish by using a special film, which requires heating under professional lamp. However, in a domestic situation this type of manicure is still workable.
Создание зеркального маникюра при помощи фольги
To perform the mirror manicure at home is not easy, but showiness and prityagatelnost this spectacle that will surely seduce you. As futuristic ladies, unusual and mysterious: the varnished shoes, stronger hair and dark blouse-combipres for women – this unsurpassed image is easily observed, and the mirror nails, or their other name “metal”, this is what you lack to create this look.

Proceed to the creation of mirror manicure. You will need: nail Polish for the background(close to the color of the foil), the transfer foil, the dealer or stick of an orange tree and nail glue.
Создание зеркального маникюра при помощи фольги3
The technique is not as difficult as it may seem :

  • Prepare the nails, that is, degrease and sand.
  • Apply background varnish.
  • Then on the spray apply one thin layer of glue, only when it is dry you can attach the foil and smooth it a pusher. Do it carefully, not missing a single area of the nail.
  • Applied at home foil will not hold up for more than one day without special coverage, because you will need this step.
    Создание зеркального маникюра при помощи фольги4
    Washed off the beauty of the ordinary liquid varnish remover that will allow you to continue to experiment with manicure or quickly get rid of it, because everyday he is still not ideal. If you will like this manicure, but to conjure with foil you are lazy, then you might consider to replace it lucky with a mirror effect or make a more durable mirror manicure overhead nail salon.

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