креативные свадебные платьяDespite the fact that millions of girls prefer the classic white wedding dresses, non-traditional design of the decoration of the bride becomes really popular and even fashionable thing. If you have decided that your wedding dress should be original and innovative, get ready to dive into the world of the most unexpected ideas. Creative wedding dresses have flooded the Bridal salons.

Many embody their ideas in dress made to order, but the salons of wedding fashion and specialty stores do not lag behind the violent fantasies of the modern brides and offer ready-made models of wedding dresses.

Even a small deviation in the direction of originality from the classic design and color to the traditional white wedding dresses already look quite interesting and fresh, while some brides prefer a very radical options, completely refuting the traditional attire of the bride.


The effect of color

White is not as straightforward as it may seem, there are many interesting shades of white, with a light cream or a hint of peach, ivory or cool blue. Original shade cloth even classic wedding dress gives an interesting interpretation. Creamy beige shade often choose girls who prefer the softness and naturalness, this dress looks perfect in the context of a wedding ceremony outdoors.

Pale pink wedding dresses doesn’t look too radical, but to a certain extent demonstrates an original and individual approach of the bride, the choice of his attire. When you select the original dress, it is very important to discard the stereotypes, and trust your taste.

Light, airy colors are elegant and very appropriate wedding in the toilet, for example, elegant wedding dress with classic cut details, looks quite interesting in soft sky blue colour. Unobtrusive, but at the same time, there is the emphasis on color is a perfect compromise between tradition and creative execution. This kind of wedding dress can not please all the guests, but consensus in such matters, as is well known, extremely rare, but if for some reason the white color of the dress does not suit you, bright and pastel colors – just what you need.

Black wedding dresses choose a daring girl, with an alternative approach to fashion and wedding toilet in particular. Black evening dresses always look incredibly elegant and solemn, for the wedding, they may be too heavy, and many people associate the color with anything but not with the traditional color bridesmaid dresses. But with the right approach to cut and finish, a black dress is appropriate as a wedding toilets, if it is this color you choose for your most important dress in my life. Black dress suitable for wedding ceremony, executed in the style of the reception, with cocktails and dinner.

If you like the color black, but dressed from head to toe in black on the wedding day, do not want, please note the dresses that combine one or two colors and including present traditional white. Details of black color appropriate to look at the trim white or pearl – gray dress. Look great corsets and wide belt embroidered with black beads or rhinestones or decoration in black satin. The black color in combination with light the main background looks expressive and edgy, and elegant and refined. Such a dress suitable for a wedding in any style and will be appropriate both for closed and away wedding ceremony.

Wedding dresses of various shades of red does not seem to be a rarity and something out of the ordinary. Red always looks bold and a woman in red is never left unattended, it is this dress would fit a modern, bold and confident bride. Exit of the bride in red definitely will amaze not only a lover of the groom, and the guests of the ceremony. Of course, the dress is fully sustained in red cannot be considered universal color scheme, so the bride, those who adhere to the traditional approach to wedding dress design, but want to dilute the pure white color bright eye-catching details, choose dresses with decoration of flowers or ribbons of red, repeating this color in wedding accessories. Red and white – harmonious combination of ancient traditions and modern creative approach.

Creativity manifests itself not only in the choice of red or black color for wedding dress, in fact any bright and contrasting color on a white background in a good way violates a stereotype about pure white wedding dress. The belt is made of satin electric blue, or fabric with gloss effect, emerald, purple, turquoise or any other bright and rich colours are easily turns even the most simple white wedding dress into something extraordinary.



Creative approach to design wedding dresses, it is not only original color choice, but also an unconventional approach to style and cut.

Traditionally, many girls choose lush and long dresses to the floor, with such a dress can be any color, but custom length – another manifestation of creativity, demonstrated by trying to move away from the stereotypical solutions, designers and brides. Dress length just below or above the knee in wedding fashion is considered to be short, but at the same time, this length can be dresses of different styles, from retro to modern minimalism.

Modern wedding fashion does not remain aloof from alternative trends and many brides who want to accentuate their style and personality, pick dresses with interesting details of the cut and finish, often perfectly combining original design with traditional white.


Graphic lace

Delicate light lace traditionally decorates wedding dresses, modern lace with graphic motifs not only looks fresh and original, but also is capable enough to turn classic wedding dress creative wedding toilet.


The Ombre effect

Fan of colored wedding dresses can find a compromise between the traditional views of parents and their own creativity by choosing from toilet tissue with incredibly a fashionable Ombre effect. Soft transition darker color in bright hues of the same color looks in dresses made of organza or tulle, such fabrics soften the Ombre effect, but if the expressive play of color is what you need, give preference to quite vivid shades and fabrics with minimum texture.


Original embroidery

Traditional, feminine silhouette wedding dresses will sound in a new way with skillful modern embroidery. Geometric patterns combined with Golden details look like true works of Haute couture compared to the perennial plant motifs and ubiquitous sequins.


Actual fringe

If at the mention of you represent fringe leather jacket biker or a cracker, it’s time to learn about what a fringe is one of the hottest trends of the season and designers of wedding dresses, of course, can not stay away from fashion trends. That dress looked stylish and modern, but retains a classical wedding together the softness and femininity, it is better to give preference to the classic silhouette easily draped quality fabrics, e.g., silk and fine detail, sequins, beads or pearls.

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