ложечный массажSpoon is one of the oldest human inventions. But if ancestors used this tool only to eat, contemporaries found spoons and other purposes. Invented in the twentieth century spoon massage has become an effective tool for facial rejuvenation and body. Particularly pleased that the method is accessible to all: what-what, and spoons can be found in each house.


The usual miracle

Spoon is one of those items, without which human life impossible. Spoons eat, spoon used for mixing edible and not very edible mixtures, spoons are used for fun games and as musical instruments. And heavy metal spoons have long been applied to bruises and shots to reduce the pain from the blow and prevent hematoma.

So was treated for bruises, probably all mothers of small varmints, and mother of the future German doctor-cosmetologist Rene Koch was no exception. And that her son is already in adulthood decided to use a spoon to rejuvenate the face and body.

The first experiments the doctor had spent on themselves, using hot and chilled metal spoons for smoothing out wrinkles and uneven skin. And the method was really effective: after this massage, the skin will look fresher, younger, smoother and more attractive. Erased the traces of stress and anxiety, like wyczerpywania spoon for spoon problems and hardships.


General principles

Massage suitable any spoons, but the best choice will be Cutlery made of silver. Silver is often referred to as metal shop: it has an antibacterial effect and rejuvenates the skin making it supple and elastic. Silver ions are included in many cosmetic products. Even a simple washing with water, infused with silver, very useful. The benefits will only increase if affect the skin immediately smooth silver objects – spoons. Especially good silver spoons will fit in the case, if the massage is combined with temperature effects. Silver is highest among metals, thermal conductivity, so the massage cold or, on the contrary, hot silver spoons will be particularly effective.

You can also use Nickel silver spoons. It is believed that Melchior, like silver, has a positive effect on the skin, maintaining its beauty and maintaining a youthful look.

The basic movements in spoon massage – circular. The convex surface of the spoons skin gently massaged on skin lines.

Clockwise face and body massage with pressure, sometimes quite strong. And counterclockwise skin only gently stroke the surface of the spoon.

The skin before the massage you thoroughly clean from the cosmetics and natural selections. Before the procedure on the face and body, apply the cream with a drop-other aromatic oils. The cream can be used in almost any facial fit moisturizing and nourishing, and body – toning and anti-cellulite remedies.

Massage duration – not less than ten minutes. It is best to massage the skin for half an hour before Breakfast, but it may seem too tedious. The most important procedures must be regular. If massaging the face or body using spoons once a week there will be no effect, but if you do this every day, then after a month, the skin will noticeably posvezhee will catch up, will look more healthy.


Facial massage

Depending on what kind of place is massaged, changing the temperature of the spoons. For example, to handle the delicate skin in the eye area it is better to use large pre-chilled in the cool waters of a spoon. They should lightly press the convex side to smerennim eyelids for a few seconds. After that, spoon-consuming and Park again for centuries. The pressure should be light but noticeable. Taking a spoon from the eyes, you should try not to stretch the skin. Enough five or six movements, so that his eyes sparkled, and swelling decreased.

Massage the skin is held tablespoons of room temperature or slightly heated. Hot spoons is not recommended, especially if the facial skin is prone to redness, rosacea, rashes. Spoons should be ironed face on the massage lines, carrying a soft circular motion.

Complexion will improve, if used for massage alternately hot and cold spoons.

Temperature should not be extreme, but the accent will be an excellent exercise for the vessels.

Gentle stroking smooth spoons very pleasant. This massage soothes, relaxes, improves mood. Massaging the face should be very delicately and gently, not too much pressing on the skin.


Massage of the neck and décolleté

Neck will not give age if caring for her young age. Gentle stroking spoons will help tighten the muscles, to give elasticity skin, get rid of double chin. Pre-skin smeared with greasy cream or oil. Massage the neck should be bottom-up, gradually moving from the base to the chin. It should not be too much to click on spoons, movement must be strong, but soft.

Massage of the décolleté begins with hollows between the Breasts. From there, you move to the collarbones and shoulders, making light circular motion. Massage of the neck and décolleté is best to use a spoon at room temperature, but in any case not cold and not hot.


Spoon cellulite

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of a spoon? If you use Cutlery not for its intended purpose, and for massage. Movement for anti-cellulite massage should be much more energetic than when the facial or neck. Inner thighs massaged upwards, and downwards. The decisive movement, pressure on the skin gradually increases. Buttocks massaged strong circular motions.

Massage of the abdomen, too, begins with light strokes. Gradually pressing force should be increased. Move only clockwise spiral, starting from the navel. Spoon it is desirable to use chilled.

Maria Bykova

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