баночный массажCupping massage is a technique based on the combination of massage movements and negative pressure that is created by using the suction tool, in this case it is a jar. The same as any other massage technique, this massage aims to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in order to optimize the recovery processes in the body.

The purpose of the vacuum effect of the suction, cupping massage is to eliminate stagnation in muscle tissue and the output from the cells decay products, toxins and other harmful substances, the concentrations which are observed as a result of injury, poor lifestyle choices or too intense physical exertion. The stagnation in the deeper levels of muscle and connective tissues are often the main causes of inflammation, pain, swelling and limiting the natural mobility. Dilates blood vessels the effect that is created with the help of the jars, similar to the result of external application of heat, however, in the case of cupping massage effect on the vessels is deeper and more effective. Tissue cells to produce heat, resulting in the stagnation caused by the accumulation of toxins, become more sparse and lighter form appear to superficial layers of cells, where with the help of lymph and tiny capillaries are brought out.

The absence or low degree of inflammation significantly increases the susceptibility of tissues to fluids, oxygenated blood and nutrients. The massage the lymph become more liquid, which in turn increases the efficiency of its functions.


The necessary tools for cupping massage

The main tool of cupping massage, as the name implies, a jar. The size and the material from which the jar depends on the focus of massage, individual client preferences and master massage. So to work on large areas, for example, on the back, most commonly used jars made of silicone, the use of which does not require firing. Silicone Bank simply pressed against the skin, inside the vessel creates a vacuum and sticks to the jar body, with the therapist can adjust the degree of suction, more or less tightly clutching the jar to the skin.

Currently the jars are made of silicone the most popular, a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as the flexibility of the material allows the use of such banks not only on relatively smooth surfaces, but in places of bends and crossings, for example at the shoulders or the neck. Along with manual cupping massage in the salons of the proposed procedure hardware massage, in which massage is performed by a special machine, equipped with glass or plastic jars. The suction action and pressure adjustment – the case of mechanism, while the therapist focuses on the implementation of the necessary movements.


Technique cupping massage

Technique of cupping massage and any other type of massage, begins manual (manual) warming up of the muscles and the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby achieving a temperature increase of muscle tissues, relaxation and identify particularly problematic areas. While performing rubbing and stroking movements the fabric in the normal state is heated for five minutes to warm up the tissues damaged by injury or some other impact, will need more time. The use of cans allows not only to speed up the process of warming up the tissues, but also to increase the efficiency and depth of this process.

For a smooth and painless movements of the jars on the client’s skin apply pre-light massage oil. The suction jars to the body “lifts” the skin, at the same time are rubbing movement aimed at the liberation of the tissues of toxins. The jar can be placed on the spine, and in the area of the sacrum and the iliac crest region. Rubbing movement of the jar in the area of paraspinal muscles can have a calming effect, covering the entire parasympathetic nervous system.

When the temperature of the tissue surface of the skin changes its color and it is easy to notice. Discoloration of the skin allows the therapist to choose specific massage techniques and to determine the location of areas requiring special attention. For example, areas with poor circulation or lack of moisture cool to the touch and when massage turn white or become slightly pinkish color. Areas of deep stagnation and accumulation of toxins more hot and change its color to dark red and even purple. Movement of the jar, as well as hand movements, can be either stimulating or relaxing.


Stimulation technique: shaking, vibration, friction

Problem areas, which differ in white or pale pink in colour, require a lighter suction, as the therapeutic effect in these zones is achieved by shaking and vibration. When the vibration of the jar is placed in the area requiring stimulation, and at a fast enough rate the skin for a few seconds lifted up and down about a couple of inches. When shake is installed easy absorption, and are quick vigorous movements the jar back and forth, during the execution of these movements, the skin and the human body as it shakes. This technique can be applied in the field of bone protrusions, dispersed connections, scars and scars.

For more in-depth impact at the point of fascial adhesions of the tissues used two jars, which are placed directly next to each other. Then the slow movement in the opposite direction from each other jars are pulled apart, thereby stretching the fascial and connective tissue, that is, in fact, this movement is similar to the classic techniques of myofascial relaxation.


Calming/drainage techniques: injection, repeated rotation and fixation

In areas where the skin has a deep red hue, as a rule, are concentrated foci of inflammation and congestion, and such places require drainage or sedative techniques. These problem areas are determined in palpation or a warming massage. Static setting the jars in such zone for a period of more than three minutes of stretching contributes to the accumulation of toxins in the superficial layers of skin cells and their removal from the body. Through suction and subsequent tearing of the jars from the body creates the effect of drainage and eliminate congestion, this technique can massage some massage therapists call injection. Upon repeated spins, the therapist makes a small circular motion of the jar, during which the skin is slightly raised.

In massage cupping jar – a kind of continuation of the masseur, some experts say that using the jars, they sometimes it is possible to more accurately determine the location of problem areas than traditional hands massage. Often Cup massage is part of massage course, which might include classical massage and manual therapy.

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