Healthy joints consist of living cells, the cells are able to regenerate, full restoration. The burden is on healthy joints of the hands, under the influence of microtraumas, leads to inflammation. Affected joint can’t stand those loads that cannot afford healthy joints. Therefore, diseases of the joints are difficult to treat.
Вылечить артрит – возможно ли это?1
One of the protective systems of the joints is the system of neuromuscular depreciation. The inflammatory process occurs in the synovial lining of the joint. In order to cure arthritis is necessary to normalize the venous and lymphatic circulation around the joint. Arthritis several joints is called polyarthritis. With the defeat of pain in the joints, swelling, possibly fever. One of the reasons for diseases of the joints can be moved earlier infectious diseases.

What are the opportunities, which will help to cure arthritis. One of the highlights is the prevention of this disease. Nutrition plays an important role in the formation of a metabolism. A healthy body requires an alkaline environment. The consumption of energy-dense foods, refined products, which have undergone heat treatment, contributes to the disease. Primarily a deficiency of phosphorus, calcium, manganese, strontium, aluminum, and silicon does not give an opportunity to restore the exchange process. The vitamins and microelements that are in the body in a balanced state aid in the healing of damaged tissues.
Вылечить артрит – возможно ли это?3
Not recommended to drink milk and dairy products, eat more raw vegetables and fruits, berries. This will help create in the body alkaline environment and will work properly joints, to be flexible and mobile.

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