Fashion is always changeable, so the only correct way is to create your own style. However, it is important to highlight their individuality and highlight the strengths and correcting deficiencies. The ease and comfort should be inherent in all things.
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All the fashion news is presented by the collections of famous designers, by which one can judge about the fashion trends of the summer of 2014. Style unisex, masculine garments are fading. Elegant, refined clothes for women comes to replace them.

Fashionable colors of the season bright. Main color is bright shade of blue or blue. Relevant and red. It is suitable for almost everyone, it is important to select a suitable shade. Do not give priority shades of purple, green, orange.

One of the most striking trends in the fashion dresses – asymmetrical cut. Models with one sleeve, special cut, Baring one shoulder, asymmetric cuts skirts, fancy cut neck – all this will be stylish and fashionable. Fashion 2014 offers also forgotten retro sleeve, such as « wings», «torch», they can be of different length.

Favorites are long dresses. It is either fitted, or high-waisted dresses on the floor. Hit of the season – dress shirt cut, monophonic or with animalistic, floral print always with large pockets (often decorated with embroidery, crystals).

As for the shoes, then at the peak of popularity, will remain platform, return models with a sharp nose, but it should not be very long. Still, demand boat.
Актуальные тенденции моды лета 20143
Easy and simple to look modern, fashionable and create your current style, to be aware of the main trends of the summer of 2014. The main thing is to choose clothes in accordance with their perception of the environment, guided by intuition and sense of style.

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