дарсонвальTreatment methods, which are based on the electric current, numerous, but each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The unit is a device that opens in front of people with different disabilities and skin diseases new opportunities for treatment. His work gave the name of the method darsonvalization, which is used for both medical and cosmetic purposes.

Unlike many other methods of electric shocks, darsonval allows you to treat such diseases, for which other methods of influence current contraindicated.


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Darsonvalization is more than a century. For the first time described it and suggested to use in medicine French physiologist Jacques Arsene d’arsonval, it was in 1892, when the treatment with the help of electricity has become one of the dominant trends in physiotherapy. D’arsonvalization can be called intelligent electrotherapy a limited range of distribution, which limits the scope of possible side effects and contra-indications for the procedure. The thing is that on the body effect of pulsed sinusoidal alternating currents of high frequency and voltage but low power. These characteristics allow the device to avoid significant heating in tissues, which is a direct effect. But, nevertheless, the effect is and it is significant.


The effectiveness of the d’arsonval

Often the unit is used in cosmetic applications. It helps to clear your face of acne and Horny particles, eliminates active acne, eliminates nodular inflammatory elements, evens tone and elevation of the skin, relieves edema, hyperpigmentation. D’arsonval apparatus with several changeable nozzles, allows to combine the healing effect of TomoTherapy with massage, improving circulation and simulating the shape of the face, reducing chin. In aesthetic and therapeutic purposes using the d’arsonvalization and body, for example, to eliminate cellulite and swelling of the tissues in vascular asterisks and varicose veins. Darsonval effectively used for treatment of scalp men and women who notice the first signs of alopecia or suffer from seasonal hair loss, dandruff, oily.

The most important aspect darsonvalization is that this hardware methods for the treatment or correction system skin diseases such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and other. Most often, these diagnoses become one of the items on a long list of contra-indications for therapy of electric shock. But we are not limited by the efficiency of the mentioned above.

Other indications for treatment:

  • inflammatory processes, including purulent formations (bruises, hematomas, ulcers, abrasions, injuries and surgery abscesses);
  • chronic diseases of paranasal sinuses (sinusitis, rhinitis);
  • respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma);
  • systemic diseases of musculoskeletal system and posttraumatic conditions (arthritis, arthrosis, myositis, sprain of ligaments, muscles, tendons, radiculitis, osteochondrosis);
  • vascular disorders (varicose veins, thrombophlebitis);
  • diseases of the teeth and gums (stomatitis, periodontitis, parodontosis, gingivitis, etc.).

Also darsonvalization recommended as adjunctive therapy for people suffering from sleep disorders, for women with painful menstruation or violations of the cycle, chronic migraines, acute muscle spasm.


The wide range of applications

The popularity darsonvalization, and a large range of applications of the apparatus led to the fact that the unit can be used not only in stationary conditions, but also at home. There are devices d’arsonval designed for working professionals, as a rule, they are necessary for the overall darsonvalization, which strengthens the immune system, increases the body resistance, and, of course, for a local. Such devices have been distributed until a few decades ago, they still represent a bulky stationary block-the generator, to which are attached electrodes for various procedures. Usually a professional machine for darsonvalization includes mushroom, abdominal, ear, Grebeshkova, gingival, vaginal, rectal, nasal, brodaway and other electrodes for local purposes. Such d’arsonval supplied with numerous indicators technical characteristics of the supplied electric current, which allows professionals to easily carry out the procedure, most often, for medical reasons.

If there is no urgent need in-patient treatment, for example, when processing the skin to eliminate the rashes or for reducing the pain in the joints, you can use a portable device, d’arsonval, which is a pen-holder with disposable tips. The d’arsonval for home use are well suited to solve cosmetic problems, they are available and easy to use. When buying a portable d’arsonval we must pay close attention to the power regulation and the location of the button or lever knob, you should not accidentally hurt by switching to higher rates.

The voltage up to 7 kV suitable for preventive darsonvalization, to handle delicate and sensitive skin of the face, eyelids. The voltage up to 12 kV suitable, for example, for work on the scalp with hair loss. Higher voltage, 15 kV, you need to more severe problems, for the treatment of acne. The instruments for darsonvalization its specifications and their particular applications, so before you begin, carefully read the instruction manual.


Caution and contraindications

Darsonval should not be applied in the framework of self-medication without first consulting a doctor. It is the specialist must prescribe this method of therapy, not you, yourself, despite the availability and apparent harmlessness of use mentioned above.

Among contraindications to darsonvalization: pregnancy, individual intolerance of the current, hysterical condition, severe nervous system, epilepsy, tuberculosis, bleeding, fever, fever, irregular, the presence of a pacemaker, a malignant tumor.

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