дневной макияжIn schools makeup one of the first and the main lessons devoted to the study and understanding of the difference between day and evening make-up. What distinguishes the day makeup from other types of makeup is useful to know not only the professionals but for normal women, because almost every one extent or another uses cosmetics.

Day make-up is, first of all, naturalness and ease. Natural skin color cannot be changed, so choosing cosmetics, special attention should be paid to the type and color of products. The basic rule of the day makeup is very simple: on the face should not be too much makeup, but the makeup should hide the imperfections and not look too heavy. Excessive amount of makeup on her face always looks vulgar and tasteless, the more it is unacceptable day, in the office or at a business meeting.


How to make beautiful day makeup

There are a number of techniques that help look fresh and naturally throughout the day.

Step 1: first of all, you need to mask the disadvantages of the skin. Dark circles under the eyes cope concealer, preferably yellowish tone.

Step 2: morning must begin with a thorough cleansing. Then cover matting base, such a tool can be applied with a flat sponge or fingers. Apply on the skin with a small amount of matting funds and evenly blend well. If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, use консилером. It is best to use a base that dries quickly, such a formula will save time between applying the base and subsequent dusting.

Step 3: for daytime eye makeup perfect shade of peach, brown, pink and beige. Eyelashes can emphasize a colorless ink or a thin layer of classic black mascara. If you are used to strike the eye with a pencil, refrain from bright and heavy colors, choose soft and natural tones. If you find it difficult to do without eyeliner, then the day is better to limit the establishment of grey or brown in colour. During the day it is better not to apply makeup on your lower eyelid without eyeliner and shadow on the lower eyelid makeup looks more calm and easy. The shade should emphasise the eyes, but not to overload them, choose light or moderate tone. Smokey eyes – perfect for evening make-up, but during the day it seems to be absolutely inappropriate.

Step 4: do not forget about бронзаторе. Apply a small amount onto his cheeks, bronzer should not be too dark. Бронзирующее tool with a slight sheen to be applied on the forehead, chin, and nose. Pick up blush to the application that will be enough of one basic brushes, rather than the whole set of professional tools. Blush creamy consistency can be applied with the fingers, and the result is absolutely not suffer.

Step 5: the day it is better to refuse from lipsticks, freshness and naturalness lips give dull gloss or шиммеры, besides the application of such remedies does not require such accuracy and выветренности movements, as delineation of lip contour pencil and subsequent application of lipstick. Glosses, as well as lipstick, dark tones, require very accurate application. If you’re accustomed to using lipstick, day give preference peach or light coral tones.

Step 6: eyebrow is an extremely important part. Carefully comb the eyebrows, some unruly hairs better plucked tweezers. If you have light and sparse eyebrows, the shape and gives them help give a light brown shade.


What not to do, dealing day makeup

  • Eye: avoid shadows of dark shades and not «color in» eyebrows bold dark pencil. Liquid liner and, especially, false eyelashes, better left to a more appropriate cases.
  • For the face: never apply bronzer all over his face, for daytime makeup choose only bright colors.
  • For lips: say «no» dark contour карандашам lip and помадам too bright, dark and rich colours. Bright and vibrant colors are the main characteristics of the evening make-up, and going to work in the morning, in any case one should not forget that. On the other hand a more dramatic and bright evening make-up did not imply color, which I do not go. Many make the mistake of betting on the color and amount of make-up at night, very often a make-up looks like a clown mask and not a tool of seduction and the veil of mystery.

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