косметика мертвого моряIf you are looking for a high quality and really useful for your skin, look for products with salts and Dead sea minerals. Dead sea cosmetics is a set of extremely useful for human beings minerals and nutrients.

Why the Dead sea has been such a name? The matter is that in the waters of the sea are not living organisms are found, the concentration of salt in the Dead sea is so high that makes her quite unsuitable habitat for fish and other marine animals. Into the Dead sea through a number of freshwater sources, but all living things, which falls into the sea, very soon dies. But for a person Dead sea is not dangerous, on the contrary, many go on the shores of the Dead sea recreation purposes. Bathing in the waters of the Dead sea is very useful for people suffering from eczema, acne, psoriasis and other skin diseases.


What is the secret Dead sea salts

First of all, salt is one of the finest natural exfoliating funds, salt grains eliminate bacteria and pathogens, as well as remove the layer of dead skin cells, revealing a smooth and fresh skin. Cosmetics Dead sea salts are incredibly effective, they are not only perfectly cleanses the skin, but give it a fresh and healthy look.

Salt itself is divided into several types, the main criterion for distinction is the size of the grains. Coarse salt, that is, with large grains is very good for bathing and General health procedures, more shallow salt is perfect for exfoliating treatments, cooking scrubs and гоммажей.


Products with Dead sea minerals

косметика мертвого моряMost often in cosmetics Dead sea salt combined with essential oils, which gives the product a pleasant smell and more nurturing qualities. Scrubs Dead sea salts can be bought at the pharmacy, but this tool can be made at home. Pharmacies sold packaged Dead sea salt various grinding, just add the required amount of salt few drops of essential oil and use the resulting mixture as a home scrub.

One of the main causes of acne are accumulations of dead cells on the surface of the skin, dead skin cells clog the pores, not allowing the skin to breathe. Lack of oxygen leads to fungal and bacterial infections, rashes, acne and skin irritations. Scrubs with salts from the Dead sea is gently and effectively remove dead skin cells and accumulated in the pores of pollution, thus serving as a means of prevention and even treatment of acne.

For acne, do not forget about the toxins exactly toxins are often the main cause of acne and other skin diseases. Toxins are the product of disintegration of chemical and synthetic substances, daily coming into our bodies. Healthy living organism is impossible without periodic cleansing the body of toxins output from it all the accumulated harmful substances. Dead sea salt – a great antioxidant, bath with salts from the Dead sea remove toxins and normalize the inner balance of the organism.

косметика мертвого моряUnlike many cosmetics, saturated synthetic substances, Dead sea cosmetics – 100% natural product has no side effects and does not cause allergies.

Scrubs Dead sea salts stimulate blood circulation and blood flow to the skin surface. After cleansing with the use of Dead sea salt skin always looks fresh and young. Not all organic methods are so efficient as cosmetics Dead sea salts, it is the latter gives the skin a wonderful radiance, freshness and beauty.

Dead sea salt also enjoy and tone and firm the skin, beautiful effect of the means with salts from the dead sea has in combination with anti-cellulite massage and other treatments. Dead sea salt help relax and relieve tension from the muscles, repair damaged muscle tissue and restoring acid-base balance of the skin.


What are the ingredients of Dead sea cosmetics

Bromine has a relaxing effect, calms the nerves, relieve stress. Bromine content in the waters of the Dead sea is 50 times higher than in ocean waters.

The waters of the Dead sea is a rich source of sodium, sodium in the water varies from 12%to 13%. That is why cosmetic products on the basis of salts of the Dead sea, improves the elasticity of the skin and its ability to absorb nutrients. Such products are ideally suited for dry skin that does not absorb moisture.

Dead sea salt is very useful for people suffering from asthma, and all because in the Dead sea water contains a lot of potassium. Potassium regulates the process of oxidation in the body and normalizes the nervous system. Boil water and add the salt of the Dead sea, and then inhale, you instantly feel the positive result.

  • Shingles resin

Bitumen is a natural resin, which has excellent anti-inflammatory effect. This substance strengthens the pores, contributes to the prevention and healing of pimples and manifestations of allergic reactions.

Calcium is essential not only for bone growth, but also for restoration of damaged muscle tissue. Ointments and creams with Dead sea salts are shown to people suffering from arthritis, muscle and joint pain.

Sulphates have excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, contribute to the healing of wounds and cuts.

Before you buy any product with Dead sea salts, try to learn about this tool and the producer as much as possible. You buy medical means, even if it is a cosmetic product, so buy products with Dead sea salts only in authorized locations sales with a proven reputation.

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