Burrs become a serious problem and deliver painful discomfort. They appear due to dry skin, and also because of the lack of proper care. Right deburring will allow to avoid unnecessary problems and prevent their re-emergence.

First of all, you need to prepare for the procedure deburring. You have to think about buying a special tweezers, which will allow you to painlessly remove the Burr. To buy tools, as swimwear, at any online store for women.
Снятие заусенцев в домашних условиях3
For pre-treatment of the fingers is necessary to bring a warm bath. It includes a teaspoon of glycerin and a pinch of baking soda. A warm bath helps prepare dry skin, which becomes soft and tender. Fingers reduced in the solution for a few minutes, then wipe with a towel.

Many use nail clippers, but they are usually ineffective because they are intended entirely for other purposes. They are hard pressed to the skin and cut the Burr under “root”. Special tweezers, by contrast, have a convenient structure and are a kind of a cutter with bevelled edges and three square tips. Before using the tool should be disinfected with alcohol.
Снятие заусенцев в домашних условиях
To prevent the appearance of burrs possible thanks to the painstaking care cuticle. We are talking about the use of creams, manufactured on the basis of natural and natural ingredients. Application of the cream will prevent dryness and significantly strengthen the skin useful vitamins. Care involves the creation of nourishing and moisturizing compresses. These methods are simple and do not require any effort, and daily application of compresses will help to maintain the beauty and health of the hands constantly.

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