декоративная косметикаMany women have never learned to apply makeup, and often this gap in education» visible to others. Unfortunately, some of the ladies in the quest to emphasize its beauty achieve quite the opposite result, thinking that decorative cosmetics itself will do everything for them. In the end, makeup does not correspond not only to the rules of makeup, but also on the specific situation, time and place.

The Golden rule of makeup is as follows: daily makeup should look like the most obviously, he must be evident, quite drab lip gloss and a light layer of mascara on your eyelashes to look fresh and attractive. Tone should be smooth, нерастушеванные transition boundary between the creams and natural skin color look very unattractive, not to mention the overhead eyelashes and heavily utilised eyebrows. Where do you start a perfect makeup using decorative cosmetics?


Cleansing the skin of face and neck

Before you apply makeup, thoroughly clean the skin of face and neck suitable to your skin type cosmetic. Should not wash the face with soap, even if some brands of bar soap according to the advertisement, great for this. After washing soap soap residues remain on the skin of face and neck, so it is better to use lotions, foams and gels for persons who completely washed off with water and leave the skin of the face clean and fresh. Rinse face wash the best warm water, after the procedure washing, you should physically feel the purity of the skin.


Tonic and moisturizing

After cleansing the skin, be sure to wipe your face tonic, which remove all remnants of cosmetic products and refreshes the skin. The tonic and astringent lotions close the pores and restore the natural pH balance of the skin. Then apply a moisturizer, tailored according to your skin type. If you have oily skin, avoid creams containing oils and fatty ingredients. Skin care oil-based suitable only for people with dry skin.


The choice of decorative cosmetics

For everyday makeup makeup artists recommend to choose tools with a light texture to «wear makeup at least eight to nine hours, so it is very important to ensure the skin pores sufficient access of oxygen. If you have even skin tone without any obvious flaws that need correction, try to restrict the minimum set of cosmetics, light make-up Foundation, a thin layer of powder, lip gloss and natural eyeliner eye.

If you have flawless skin, do not overload it toners means. The smaller the cosmetics you place on a clean, healthy skin, the longer it will remain so. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast a perfect complexion, but in any case, permanent and masking tools should be used only in those areas where this is required by the aesthetic approach.


Do not supply the eyebrow pencil

The stores sell pencils for brows, but driven eyebrow pencil often looks rough and unnatural. Makeup artists recommend to edit eyebrows powder or shadows, corresponding to the color of hairs in the eyebrows. For this you need a dense brush bristles with beveled and suitable color powder or shadows. Penciled thus eyebrows always look nice and natural.

With our ages eyebrows thin and become more rare, so don’t be too hard pull out even the smallest hairs, which you seem inappropriate. If you regularly too прореживаете eyebrows, you risk to remain without eyebrows in the future. In выщипывании eyebrows main comply with the measure, we should not turn them into fine thread or completely forget that you have eyebrows.


The choice of makeup

Remember, the Foundation is not бронзирующее tool. The Foundation aims to create even skin tone and mask its disadvantages, so the tone of the basics should be as close to the natural skin tone. Contrary to popular belief, test Foundation and concealer is better not on the skin of the wrist and in the lower jaw. After testing multiple colors, choose one that becomes invisible on your skin after a few seconds.


Should not play in the sculptor!

Of course, with the help of makeup, you can dramatically change a person’s appearance, but if you are not a professional makeup artist, do not try to convert their face with the help of decorative cosmetics. Of course, any girl would love to have beautiful high cheekbones, but this trait of the person gives us either nature or plastic surgery.


Black eyeliner

Densely penciled black eyes – taboo for a daytime look. Dark colors will definitely make look deeper and more dramatic, but for natural daylight makeup is totally inappropriate. Bright earthy tones opposite to «awaken» a person, if you are difficult to completely abandon liner, choose brown shades, they seem more gently and naturally.


Correct lip

Lips can really make a visually fuller and bigger with properly drawn contour, but actually it is not so easy as it seems. In most cases, these attempts appear to be too obvious. If you don’t want to look like Pamela Anderson in the early 1990s, do not do this. Those who would still like to increase the lips without surgery, makeup artists recommended contour pencil in tone lipstick, but not darker, and always make sure that the lipstick not go beyond the boundaries drawn contour.


Either eyes or lips

Even if you and beautiful eyes, and full sensuous lips, make-up need to highlight and emphasize one thing. A bright shade and rich lipstick in the same image will turn you into chequered clown, while the bright lips and neutral eye makeup or deep eye makeup with transparent lip gloss and will look polished and intriguing.

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