When festive events are organized for a large number of people, the organizers usually try to invite any actor groups that organize under the order of interesting and entertaining events. It can be soap shows for birthday, when kids entertained large soap bubbles, or light illumination for an adult audience.

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Decoration nail everyone

Relevant are these programs and at the wedding, and on the school prom. Sometimes to the delight of the audience, not only children but also adults, everyone start to paint or decorate a special way the nails. Of course, to draw attention to themselves capable of any fashionista, you just paint your nails shining varnish. But to glow such nails will be only in complete darkness.

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Specially invited masters can to make decorative nails to everyone who wants it. And it is not a continuous coating, and unique decoration for each, very beautiful and memorable. Used for such purposes, various special accessories:

  • sequins and rhinestones;
  • foil manicure;
  • colored and transparent varnishes;
  • toothpicks;
  • special adhesive that allows these items to hold on long enough.

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How to decorate nails

At your request, the wizard can create on your nails this nail art. Very stylish look when painted on the nail colors in the form of core which are used rhinestones.

Often use tiny beads. They are created manicures in the form of geometric shapes or floral design. Beads should be soft, so they can be used a lot. But the rhinestones are supposed to decorate only two or three fingers to stand out in a special way. This is usually a little finger or ring finger.

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A faster way to decorate your nails for everyone to use pass-through foil with patterns and pictures. The nails seem to be mirrored and able to give pleasure to its owner until the end of the evening.

To organize such shows on the corporate now easy. Guests will be satisfied.

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