Fashion trends are not only related to dresses and gowns. In the professional beauty salons offers decorative design of nails. It is about the creation of unique patterns, which are executed manually and are almost works of art. Stylish manicure plays an important role in forming the image and allows you to make complete and refined.
Декоративный дизайн ногтей: популярная мода современности3
Modern fashion women’s informal and experimental. Decorative design of nails is one of the new trends that have come to Russia from Europe. Of course, to use such decisions in everyday life at least uncomfortable and irrelevant. To create a design pattern requires a fairly long time, and during washing and dishwashing lacquer quickly erased. Stylish decoration deal exclusively on the eve of the official Banquet or evening.

To choose the design you want under the style of the outfit. With their suits three bright patterns on hand will look irrational. The image will be crumpled and chaotic. Best place to buy sophisticated form-fitting dress, and use makeup in pastel colours. In this case, it is easy to focus on the advantages of the figures and to emphasize femininity and sophistication.
Декоративный дизайн ногтей: популярная мода современности1
The decorative pattern is held in several stages. Originally specialists carry out the preparation of nails, which should be evenly trimmed and have harmonious form. Further apply the background of prosaic or varnish with monotone color. Next, lacquers are used bright colors with which to create a basic pattern and decoration. All procedures are performed manually, so the visitor beauty salon need to be patient. Stylists traditionally use the expensive coatings that are resistant to moisture and retain the expression for a long time.

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