глубокая эпиляцияThe desire to look seductive and attractive inherent in every woman. For the sake of its appeal, many are ready to make any sacrifice. Smooth and soft skin in intimate places is not only the feeling of constant purity, but also very sexy detail of the image, giving the confidence. Deep hair removal bikini is a simple way to feel sexy and desirable.


Sacrifice for the sake of beauty

Deep hair is the complete hair removal of pubic hair in the groin area, between the buttocks and around the genital lips. This procedure involves a certain level of pain for its conduct, therefore, requires women of a certain determination. However, the result of a deep epilation is usually so seductive that women who resort to this procedure, repeated at appropriate intervals again and again.

Deep hair removal can be done in several ways: sometimes use wax, sometimes remove hair by using laser or photoepilation.

The last two methods allow more fundamentally solve the problem of excess hair than wax epilation.

Remove hair using wax directly before the holidays. If the selected laser or IPL, the smoothness of the skin will have to think in advance, because after laser hair removal on the skin can get irritated, and after photoepilation some time doctors do not recommend tanning.

It is better to conduct deep epilation after a few days after menstruation. During this period, the sensitivity to pain in women is markedly reduced. Those whose skin has high sensitivity, it is necessary to use special tools to effect analgesia.

Yourself gently to remove all the hairs in the genital area is almost impossible. Therefore, such a delicate procedure, as a deep hair removal, it is best to spend not at home, and in specialized stores with experienced and qualified professionals.


Deep waxing

Directly before the procedure deep epilation need to carefully take a shower using a gentle cleansing scrub. This will soften the skin and help a little to reduce pain during the procedure. Hair removal in the bikini area is hot or cold wax. The first option is preferable, because a high temperature is enlarged pores on the skin, and the procedure deep epilation is as comfortable as possible.

Wax should be applied with small strips on the areas of the bikini line, where hair is present. After the hot wax cool down and harden, tear off his sharp movement. Tear off strips of wax is needed in the opposite direction of hair growth.

After hair removal is applied to the skin soothing and protective agent.

When carrying out waxing there is a risk of ingrown hairs, as complete removal of all of them as impossible to achieve. To prevent ingrown hairs in this case, you must regularly use special tools against this problem. After carrying out waxing you can forget about unwanted hair on the body for three weeks, and then again to make the epilation.


Laser epilation and photoepilation

Laser or IPL allow you to slow down for a long time or even completely stop the growth of unwanted body hair. The procedure of deep epilation these methods involves the necessary training. You need to get checked by doctors, in particular by an endocrinologist and a dermatologist to identify possible contraindications for this procedure. It is not recommended to sunbathe two weeks before the procedure of hair removal. You should also refrain from taking antibiotics at least a week before epilation. In addition, in areas where the skin will be deep hair removal, there should be no cuts, and scratches.

The principle of operation of laser hair removal is this: undesirable hair goes light laser, which acts directly on the hair roots and destroy them.

Photoepilation is carried out by exposure to energy of light pulses on the hair follicles. If undesirable hair is heated and destroyed. Typically, one session of laser or photoepilation is not enough. For optimum effect, the procedure is repeated several times, usually three or four. Between courses mandatory break in a couple of months. After the procedure, laser hair removal or hair removal, it is recommended to refrain from sunbathing for at least a week.


Contraindications for deep hair removal bikini line

To completely remove hair in the bikini area can not all. Thus, such procedures in any case cannot be performed during pregnancy because of the risk of preterm birth at a later time due to involuntary contractions of the uterus when dealing with pain. During lactation, the procedure is also contraindicated. You cannot do deep epilation diabetes, cancer, various skin diseases, allergic reactions to certain cosmetics.

It is necessary to abandon treatments for those who suffer from nervous disorders, epilepsy, as well as those who simply very sensitive to pain. If in the field of hair growth have moles or other entities need to consult a dermatologist. And those who suffer from any disease of the vulva, can not do without the advice of the attending physician. However, in any case, it’s better to cure the disease, and only then to do hair removal.

It must be remembered that the procedure should be carefully prepared. For example, on the day of hair removal should not take alcohol in any form, and immediately after the procedure should not go to bath or sauna.

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