обезвоженная жирная кожаOily skin like other skin types, is constantly in need of moisture. Despite the fact that this type of skin is less susceptible to dry, dehydrated oily skin is not such a rarity. Typically, such problems arise for those who are too fond of degreasing tools, applying them without measure.


A difficult problem

причины обезвоживания кожиIt is believed that oily skin due to excessive secretions of the sebaceous glands are always well hydrated. Indeed, sebum prevents the evaporation of moisture from the skin, and therefore retains its moisture. Oily skin gives its owners a lot of trouble, but the benefits of it too. For example, it keeps longer young, look young and supple. Oily skin is thicker than dry, and it rarely formed wrinkles.

How is it that oily skin is dehydrated? Most water loss is the result of inept skin care. In the quest to get rid of excessive fat many people use too aggressive remedies for skin care – for example, alcohol lotions. In the fat grease is removed, the top layer of the skin dries, despite the fact that the activity of the sebaceous glands is not reduced.

Often the cause dehydration of the skin becomes too dry and warm air. The top layer of the skin loses moisture, dries, it becomes hard. When this sebum gets too thick, stuck in the pores and into tube-comedones, which can, over time, become inflamed. The skin looks ugly, untidy, over-dried.

Dehydrated dry skin can be treated with moisturizing and nourishing treatment. Oil contained in nourishing creams, form on the surface of the skin the thinnest film that prevents evaporation. The owners of oily dehydrated skin use of funds with a high content of oils is not recommended: these creams will make your skin even oilier.


Dehydrated oily skin: care inside and outside

Уход за обезвоженной жирной кожей лицаCare for dehydrated oily skin of the face is not only outside but inside. Recipe to avoid dehydration is very simple: you need to drink as much water as possible. The advice to drink at least two litres of water a day is always current. This is a simple and affordable way to maintain beautiful skin. And it is very important to drink water, because many liquids (such as tea, coffee, alcohol, energy and fizzy drinks) have a more or less pronounced diuretic effect, that is, not so much saturate the body with moisture as remove fluid from the body.

It is not necessary to drink two liters of water a day. In hot weather, the dose can and should be increased. To be guided it is necessary for the color of the urine should be light yellow and transparent.

It is advisable not to stay long near heaters, air conditioners, heating appliances. If this is not possible, you should make sure about the humidification. You can just often be clean floors in the room to place all the containers with water or to hang on the battery wet underwear. More “civilized” method is to buy a humidifier.

Sometimes it helps and conventional sprinklers, of which the skin can be sprayed with water. It is not worth doing this before going out into the cold – tiny droplets of water on the skin will turn into ice crystals, which will further dry out the skin.


The choice of cosmetic products

Увлажняющий крем для обезвоженной жирной кожиThe main mistake that many women who had oily skin – use aggressive funds with high alcohol content for Facials. Of course, such funds instantly degrease the skin, but the skin is injured and loses moisture. So the first thing you should refrain from all alcohol-containing preparations.

To cleanse the skin, you can use gels and creams that do not foam (foaming agents usually dry skin). Tonics for dehydrated oily skin are recommended with a small acid content. Can be used as a tonic herbal teas. Given the propensity for oily skin to the formation of inflammation, it is better to choose herbs with soothing and anti-inflammatory action, for example, chamomile and calendula. Tablespoon herbs poured a glass of boiling water, then you need to boil the mixture for five minutes and infuse for half an hour. The finished decoction is filtered and is used for cleansing and toning the skin.

Has been proven and cleanser of yogurt and oatmeal. You need to mix a couple of tablespoons fine oatmeal with a half Cup of low fat yogurt (of course, without sugar and other additives) or curdled milk. The mixture is gently rubbed into the skin, leave for five minutes and wash off with cool water. After this procedure, the skin becomes more delicate and smooth, well-moisturized.

Moisturising cream for dehydrated oily skin is the first tool needed. These creams usually contain a minimal amount of fat, so you can use them without fear that oily skin will become even more greasy. You can use any moisturizers that are designed for oily skin.


Moisturizing mask

увлажняющие маски для жирной кожи лица в домашних условияхTo make a moisturizing mask at home is not difficult. As a rule, these masks are used vegetables or fruits that are rich in moisture. For example, a very good cucumber mask. The cucumber should be well wash and grate along with the skin. The mixture is applied to the face for 15-20 minutes, then the mask can be removed with a cotton swab and apply a moisturizer.

Strawberry mask moisturizes the skin without overloading it with oils, as some cosmetics. Strawberries are recommended for the care of all skin types – this berry is perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the epidermis. Of course, those who are allergic to strawberries, the best of such masks to refuse. The rest can RUB the face berry juice or applied to the skin of the strawberry puree for 15 minutes. After the procedure, you need to lubricate the skin hydrating cream for oily skin.

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