джинсовая жилеткаDenim vest during its existence in the wardrobe of fashionable girls turned into essential and obligatory element of the costume. The desire to make their way in style-layered leads girls to the thought about the vests of denim. They look pretty traditional, to easily enter them in your closet, combining different sets. On the other hand, modern denim vests are so different in design that it is impossible not to be tempted and to refrain from shopping.


The diversity denim – diversity of style

Denim vest can become extremely varied due to the different colour versions of denim and decor. The most simple, quiet, safe and easy to combine vest – model of blue or dark blue denim, plain or with a stylish wear. The front shelves vests can be direct, buttoned or on a straight vertical lightning, but increasingly from that details make the likeness of jeans sleeveless jackets.

Wearing a vest of blue denim preferably with jeans and especially not with jeans same color. Double denim is a controversial trend of the eighties and nineties, where it and have to leave. The presence in the Cabinet denim vests straight cut-minimalist design – it is always the opportunity to give the finished image, based on the press-skinny skirt-Maxi from the air pleated chiffon or floral dress, short leather or cotton shorts.

If you want to diversify the usual way denim vests, pay attention to the model of “cooked” denim marble design, very bright blue, though faded from time laconic black or gray, which combine perfectly with many service. Colored denim vests cannot be called a vivid trend, but a demand exists.

In honor of designers as models of standard length and width when vest comes to the waist and able to zastignutye. Along with the free vests that are suitable for all sizes, produced shortened model, just covering the chest as crop tops, vests, hot shape, suitable for girls slim with a small bust.


Decor denim vests

More denim vest away from his simplistic image uniformity in which nothing catches the eye. The more versions decoration denim vest, the harder it is to adapt it to a simple gowns, but the more interesting it turns out the final image. Waistcoats of denim manufacturers decorate not only metal fittings in rock style, but also embroidery, crystal inlays, textile inserts and fur trim.

In the fashion collections with vests attention is drawn not only embroidered on the back, but also multifaceted decoration on the shelves in the front top of the vests and on the collar. A new surge of interest in aggressive rock style caused a new wave of interest to the decoration of clothing and accessories rivets, nails, spikes. They tightly dot collar denim jacket and unabashedly settled just above the breast pockets. In the blue vest may be present contrasting collar and patch pockets.

On the same type in denim vests included contrasting elements of fabric – mostly figured. Are found in the collections of original combination vest in denim and knitted fabrics. Natural and artificial fur is well fit into the idea and purpose of denim vests, helping her exquisitely complement the way, complying with the canons relaxed multi-layers.


What to wear denim vest

Denim vest loose can be worn both at the tops, long-sleeved and sleeveless t-shirts with print. Classic jackets from blue denim buttoned combined with miniature tops-bodices. For fans of country style, hippies and style of the seventies, in General, there is no better combination than vest worn by plaid shirt with long, heavy skirt in a cage or floral print Maxi dress with long sleeves. Free direct vest of denim long designs are combined with short dresses patterned chiffon or fine knitwear.

About double denim is not all so simple in terms of the ban on the combination of denim vests with shorts, trousers or skirt denim. As summer ensemble can be worn denim vest and shorts made of one type of denim or with minor differences. In the rest it is necessary to observe the law stylish contrasts, not allowing to transform the way in uniform.

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