депиляционный кремIf for some reason you are not inspired by the idea of a laser or you are looking for a simple and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair at home – depilatory cream is exactly what you need. These creams help thousands of women to solve the problem and not give ground even with the advent of new modern methods of hair removal.


The principle of depilatory creams

Unlike other methods of removing unwanted body hair, the cream does not destroy the follicle, but only removes the part of the hair shaft, which is on the surface of the skin. The formula of the cream – depilatory contains a combination of weak alkaline chemicals, in particular sodium and thioglycolate calcium, getting on hair, this song destroys protein communication keratin, which consists of the hair shaft. After a few minutes of chemical exposure dissolves keratin, and hair can be easily removed from the surface of the skin. Remember that the cream affects only the upper part of the hair shaft.


Method of application

депиляционный кремBefore removing the hair with the cream-depilatory necessarily test the susceptibility of the skin. When negative reaction appears redness, itching and irritation. It should be noted that allergic reactions with use of such creams are rare and most people depilatory creams completely harmless.

The cream should be applied to healthy skin, without scratches and abrasions. Depilatory cream is applied in a thick layer on the skin, where it is assumed hair removal. In the package with the cream you will find a special blade for the application, but for maximum effect is better just to drive the cream into the skin with your fingers.

Leave the cream on the skin for a period of time specified in the instruction. You should not overdo cream, prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause burning and irritation of the skin. Delete cream and diluted hairs paddle. Wash off the cream water, it is important to thoroughly rinse the skin that never left the remnants of the cream. Vitritis dry and apply to the treated skin soft body lotion.

Often depilatory creams sold complete with a special lotion after depilation. To avoid irritation in a few days, try not apply to these areas of cosmetic products containing aggressive components.


Advantages depilatory creams

Unlike most of ways to remove unwanted hair, using depilatory creams completely painless. Given this fact, these creams are an ideal means of hair removal for sensitive skin and in hard to shave areas, for example, armpit. No less attractive looks and very reasonable price of such funds.

Very important advantage of depilatory creams, which own, many women choose this method of hair removal is the simplicity and convenience of application. The hair removal procedure with the cream can be performed at home, with everything you will need not more than fifteen minutes. Depilatory creams remove all hair types, regardless of the color and texture and work great on the skin of any type. For removal of fine hairs that need a little time longer and thicker hair needs a longer exposure. Depending on the specifics of hair there are creams for hair removal on the face, where the hair is thin and soft and means for coarse and thick hair, as, for example, in the bikini area.


Disadvantages depilatory creams

Removing unwanted hair using depilatory creams – chemical process, but when exposed skin should be used chemicals low acidity. Alkaline compounds rather caustic, so creams-depilatory, even despite the presence of scented perfumes, have a fairly specific smell. Some women find it very uncomfortable using the cream in the bikini area.

Unlike shaving, depilatory creams can cause allergic reactions, burning sensation, itching and General discomfort. It should be remembered that such creams are designed for use in strictly certain areas, it is prohibited to put the cream in the eyes or skin with cuts and small wounds. Creams remove the hair for a limited period of time, and use it falls to how often and a razor. It should be noted that the hair after using depilatory creams grow slower than after shave, but the difference is only two or three days, not more.

The desire to increase efficiency depilatory creams led to increased aggressiveness their formulas, high PH affects the condition of the skin, especially Mature. With age, the skin becomes more susceptible to aggressive substances, and this is one of the reasons for the need to test the portability of certain cosmetic product, which consists of alkaline compounds. How to test and apply the cream always refer to the package of cream depilatory.


Famous products

  • Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

This cream is recognized by experts of glossy magazines as one of the most convenient and effective means for home hair removal. The manufacturer claims that the formula of the cream has a water-repellent effect, that allows to use the cream even taking a shower. Unlike many of his fellow Veet In-Shower does not have the acrid odor.

The cream has a pleasant smell, according to the magazine”Allure” Veet Suprem’Essence – the best way to lazy girls”. On hair removal this cream should not be more than six minutes – quickly and conveniently. In this cream includes essential oils which humidify and nourish the skin.

  • Veet Spray-On Hair Removal Cream

This cream does recommends authoritative us magazine “Cosmopolitan”. Veet Spray-On is presented in three types: standard formula, cream for sensitive skin and an option for dry skin. Formula depilatory for sensitive skin contains special soothing and moisturizing components. The cream is easily applied, special design allows not to stain your hands and spread cream on the skin surface.

If you use a good cream and spend the hair removal procedure correctly, depilatory cream will become your indispensable friend in the fight for beauty and smoothness of your skin.

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