дермабразияModern cosmetology has more than extensive list of procedures that can be recommended for people with problem skin rejuvenation, cleansing and General health. Newfangled technology continue to attract patients, but old and proven methods of aesthetic intervention in no hurry nowhere to leave. Dermabrasion is one of such techniques. It can be classified as “cheap but good”, many are against it, but fans of this technique abound.


Sacrifice in the name of beauty

Dermabrasion is a grinding, which varies in degrees of impact, depending on the indications and skin condition. Opponents of dermabrasion is a good reason to argue for a more sparing techniques of cleansing and rejuvenation. She really traumatic, perhaps, of all cosmetic procedures for this category it is the most painful and traumatic. Dermabrasion always implies a mechanical effect on the skin, and not everybody likes it and not suit everyone. However, there are lots of advantages, and low price is one of them.


The essence of dermabrasion

The name “dermabrasion” comes from the fusion of Greek dermis (“skin”) and Latin abrasio (“scrape”). Can we consider any kind of peeling, dermabrasion? Probably not, at least in cosmetology this term is well established as the designation procedure involving mechanical abrasive particles or brush, literally soskablivanie corneal layer of the skin. Any dermabrasion is a cosmetic Cabinet, a doctor-cosmetologist and with the use of special equipment.

The session dermabrasion is that is a mechanical step-by-step removal of corneal layer, the skin becomes a real stress, resulting she begins to actively defend. This is the purpose of dermabrasion, after which, when you come redness and swelling (and they can be strong), the skin becomes smooth, fresh, smooth wrinkles, scars less visible, face beaming with youth and beauty.


Types of dermabrasion

Classic dermabrasion is the most traumatic procedure. It is hard abrasive mill, which rotates and takes off layer by layer. The effect of such intervention can be overwhelming, so it is often prescribed for critical States of the skin, deep wrinkles, scars, non-healing scars. The recovery period can be prolonged requires the use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ointment. The result of this procedure is comparable with deep chemical peeling.

Microdermabrasion is more sparing methods due to the application of fine diamond crumbs. It effectively polishes skin, smoothes it, returning a youth and beauty.

Laser dermabrasion gives the patient more easy portability, but the result is not worse than in the classical technique. The laser beam is gradually removes the top layers of the epidermis, activating cellular processes, providing a bactericidal effect, thus eliminating acne scars, age spots.

Dermabrasion lasts no more than 20 minutes after the procedure within a week should be applied to the treated area prescribed ointments. If necessary, you can use a special corrective make-up. The effect of dermabrasion can be assessed after a couple of weeks – you will get a nice smooth velvety skin.


Indications for dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is not only on the face but also on any part of the body, for example, it is very effective for removing stretch marks after pregnancy or rapid weight gain.

The main indications: skin aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars of different etiology, scars after injuries.

Sometimes it is just one procedure dermabrasion, in complex cases, such as correction of stretch marks, wrinkles or scars, you’ll need a course.


Contraindications to dermabrasion

Do not spend a dermabrasion in violation of the integrity of skin in the area of the proposed treatment, pustular lesions, active acne, the propensity to formation of keloid scars. Other contraindications: severe mental disorders, disorders of the kidneys, blood disease, any bleeding disorder, cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension. People with thin hypersensitive skin one should find a less traumatic procedure.

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