Before caring for your hair, you need to understand what type they are. All care will be useless if you accidentally make a mistake in their hair. They are normal(the best option), mixed, oily and dry(the worst option). Healthy, normal hair beautiful shimmer in the sun and with them especially no trouble. They are easy to identify. If they are cut, elastic, comb, able to stay a few days in this form, even if they were not washed, then with hair all right and it’s the same guy.
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Unfortunately, the hair without problems are never, or very rarely. And here is the first problem. Hair bold type have poor luster, look dirty after a few hours, unkempt. Very fat content depends primarily on the work of the glands on the head, that depends on genetics. Although the limb slightly increase the fat from eating fast carbs and fatty acids, but it is not fatal.

Dry hair type. They are generally not able to play the coming light, so look weak and dull, do not look beautiful. They are torn and don’t want to comb a comb, and whipped. Often these hair appear due to a bad courting them, not because they disrupted the work of the sebaceous glands.

Mixed type of hair. Usually it is quite long hair, they often have fat at the very beginning of the root, and then towards the end is very dry. They have such a property because of poor lubrication grease of the total volume of the hair. Edge hair does not receive the necessary fat, and so whipped. The hair need special care and diet.
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For this reason, depending on the type of hair, it is very important to consult with your doctor, to buy shampoo for the hair type, to make your diet, and certainly not to wash your hair with soap, it has an environment drastically different from the hair, killing the entire protection.

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