Advances in technology have led to the appearance of absolutely new, in most cases effective tool in the development of the education of the child – computer games online.
Развитие детей и онлайн игры3
Despite the fact that currently use and possession of skills of work on computer is the key to success, education, positions of psychologists, educators about the impact of online games психико-emotional state and development of children are radically different. Though most psychologists believe that online games adversely affect mental development, i.e. distract from the more important activities, and sometimes lead to mental disorder or the emergence of cruelty towards peers, relatives, just control a child playing on the computer, limit the time, to choose an online game). Currently producing a large number of children’s developing games: games for girls dress up games, car coloring pages for boys, who practise not only logic and thinking, memory, but they are quite informative.

The positive side of online games on the computer for children of preschool age

During the game, the child has developed attentiveness, diligence, perseverance, patience, which influence the formation of character, so as to successfully complete the game, you must become familiar with the task and rules of execution.

All online games have associated with the implementation of the reference speed or time (puzzle, move the card), that is, when you execute a child develops motor skills and coordination of movement.

Modern educational online games train logical thinking child: the Association, riddles, puzzles are taught to compare, compare, analyze information, while establishing a simple patterns.
Развитие детей и онлайн игры
The maximum benefit from online games can be achieved in that case, if you determine the measure of hanging out on the computer, and the child gets plenty of positive emotions.

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