алмазная шлифовка лицаThe phrase that diamonds are a girls best friend, has taken on new meaning since, as in Vogue diamond grinding faces. This procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, rejuvenate it and get rid of a variety of defects. Who diamond peeling, and to whom this procedure is not suitable?


Particularities of the procedure

At all times women want to look young and beautiful. And one of the most important components of female beauty – smooth, soft skin without any defects and wrinkles. Unfortunately, even in my youth, not everyone can boast a flawless skin. But over the years the number of problems increases: for pimples and pigment spots are added scars, wrinkles, enlarged pores.

The idea is to wipe out all the flaws and signs of age, like an eraser, it seems very attractive. And in the middle of XX century the idea became a reality – was invented skin resurfacing. The technique is clear from its name – with the help of solid particles of the upper skin layer is attached to the smoothness. Grinding, mechanical exfoliation, is that of skin is removed with a thin top layer along with all the imperfections like age spots, wrinkles, roughness.

But the effects of mechanical exfoliation is not limited. Being quite traumatic, skin resurfacing stimulates speedy recovery after the procedure, starts the process of renewal in the dermis. As a result the skin starts to produce collagen and elastin – the fibers that are responsible for its elasticity. Thus, the skin truly rejuvenated, and the effect this can be shorter or longer.

To make the skin smooth use of special devices for microdermabrasion with nozzles, which apply a diamond coating.

The finest diamond dust gently removes dead cells from the skin surface, returning to face the beauty and freshness of youth.

However, diamond peels are used to rejuvenate the skin. This procedure might need even at a young age, for example, if the skin has the scars, the scars, the marks of acne. Mechanical peels today are considered the most simple and effective method of leveling the skin relief. They can get rid of ugly scars and restore skin smoothness.


How do precious peeling?

Typically, the procedure takes about an hour. First beautician thoroughly cleanses the face from makeup and dirt. After that the skin is treated with a special compound that helps soften the top layer of the skin. This is necessary in order to make the procedure less traumatic and to facilitate the removal of the top layer of the skin.

After that, the person is treated by a special device with nozzles with a diamond layer. The duration of exposure and its intensity depend on the skin condition and defects that you need to get rid of.

After the diamond peel is applied to the face mask. This mask contains soothing ingredients and moisturizes the skin. After the mask is applied to the skin moisturizing protective cream.

Since skin after any peels are particularly sensitive to UV radiation, it is very important to take care to protect her from the sun. Within two weeks after the procedure, you should forget about going to the beach and Solarium.

The results are usually visible after the first or second treatments skin appears fresher complexion improves. But for a lasting effect usually requires a course of 4-7 treatments weekly or less often depending on the characteristics of the skin and its ability to regenerate.


Benefits of diamond grinding

Of all the types of microdermabrasion diamond grinding is considered the most gentle. This method is suitable even for the treatment of delicate and sensitive skin of the eyelids. Typically, the procedure does not cause unpleasant, and even more pain – patients feel only a slight tingling or mild burning sensation in the processing area.

Another important benefit diamond grinding is a short recovery period. If, immediately after treatment the skin may look a little inflamed and swollen, already on the second day of such side effects disappear.

Enlarged pores become less noticeable after the first procedure. In addition, diamond grinding makes the skin smoother, allows to get rid of scars that remain after acne.


Disadvantages of diamond grinding

Effective and painless procedure, make “precious” skin resurfacing is very popular. However, diamond peeling is not always efficient. In some cases, is utterly useless. For example, it makes no sense to do diamond skin resurfacing to get rid of sebum and comedones. Despite the fact that exfoliation helps keep pores less noticeable, clean them he is unable: nozzles in the pores does not penetrate, cleaning only the surface of the skin. Accordingly, blackheads this method is also unable to deliver, while contributing to their prevention.

The high cost of diamond grinding is another drawback of the technique. If you consider that to restore the skin often requires a long course of treatments, rejuvenation can be quite expensive.



Like many other cosmetic treatments, diamond grinding cannot be done during pregnancy and lactation, but also during menstruation. Will have to abandon the procedure if irritation, rash or skin lesions in the affected area, and in all acute diseases.

Contraindications to the procedure are:

  • Warts and moles in the area of impact;
  • Viral (herpes) and fungal skin infections;
  • Predisposition to form keloids;
  • Cavernous hemangioma;
  • Severe metabolic disorders;
  • Chronic severe diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • The recovery period after surgery.

Dmitry Anokhin

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