Диета 7 лепестков

Diet “7 petals” – is an updated version of the methodology of weight loss invented Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson. Its design allows for only a week to lose up to 7 days, and to suffer from hunger slimming people just do not have. The system is based on daily mono, that is, each day focused on the use of any one type of product. The effectiveness of this method is confirmed by the results of the investigations conducted by the European Centre for Weight Reduction.

Why the method works?

The secret diet “7 petals”? It is the method proposed by the author separate nutrition has on body fat intense, even aggressive influence. This is mainly due to the work of the liver – it stores the various nutrients, forming a kind of “reserve”. Every day you use one specific product, liver them presided during the morning meal and begins to expect that in the next meal you ask her something with a different chemical composition.

It turns out that the body, waiting for something new, digesting everything that you have given him, almost without consuming energy value of the product. But as the source of energy is still needed, in the course are accumulated fat. In addition, the key to the effectiveness of the Swedish diet is that all fats are presented in the menu (fish, cheese, chicken meat) exclusively poly – and monounsaturated. This means that to fill consumed during weight loss fat and converted into new deposits, they are not capable.

Important rules

  1. Calories and portion size not believe – we eat enough of it and then when they want, even in the late evening.
  2. Sugar neither food nor drinks are not added.
  3. The “petals” in places do not change, which is important as the diet Swedish diet specially built so that the consumption of food rich in carbohydrates, alternated with protein days.
  4. In order to avoid possible problems with chair (rarely, but it happens used to it) we start the morning with a glass of warm water. After 20-30 minutes you can start Breakfast.
  5. Drinking diet organized by drinking water, black tea and green tea. Coffee is recommended
  6. Don’t get hung up on the daily plumb and not tortured scales. In any case, in some days diet “7 petals” you will lose less, and in others more. Evaluate the end result.
  7. Not lazy, carefully plan your menu, plug imagination. To lose weight you need with pleasure, and then on “harm” do not pull, and mood.
  8. Be sure to use the idea of the author and draw Tsvetik-Semitsvetik. First, it carries, as some kind of game. Secondly, every evening you, tearing off another petal, will go to sleep, feeling of psychological satisfaction – that’s another day spent with benefit to the figures.

Menu every day

Menu diet “7 petals” is a six consecutive mono-diet, and on the seventh day we will arrange a day of fasting. The initial version of the methodology developed by Anna Johansson, meant only 6 of the “petals” (in the resurrection had to repeat the diet very first day), but losing weight, showed their creative approach and decided to modernize the idea of a nutritionist.

  • Monday. Eat fish dishes. We eat different sorts of boiled, baked, stewed. Allowed to use salt (moderately), mild spices, dried and fresh greens. Vary your diet with fish broth or soup (excluding potatoes).
  • Tuesday. Today diet “7 petals” includes menu, any vegetables in unlimited quantity. We are going to eat raw and boiled, steamed, baked, do a fresh juices.
  • Environment. On the table will contain all sorts of chicken dishes. The skin is removed with the birds at once – it does not fit into the concept about a healthy diet. You can cook grilled chicken legs, cutlets breast, boiled broth and everything that will fancy.
  • Thursday. We will cereal mono-diet. Eat cereals, seeds germinated seeds, bran, grain breads. Allowed to drink kvas, but only a real home.
  • Friday. Eat cheese. Choose the fresh, natural (without additives) and with a small percentage of fat (5-9 % is sufficient). You can also eat yogurt. By the way, and he and the other sour milk products you can prepare at home – will be useful. From liquids allowed to drink tea and milk.
  • Saturday. We expect fruit mono-diet. Permitted fruits to eat as fresh or baked. To improve the taste of you can sprinkle the fruit with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon zest. You can also cook from fruit juices (not sugar added), and smoothies. If you are thirsty, drink green and herbal teas.
  • The resurrection. The seventh “petal” diet – full discharge for the digestive tract. To eat today, nothing can – drink only water and mineral (with a little salt) water.

Now stand on the scales and evaluate the results achieved. If you want to throw another, will continue losing weight. Moreover, after the “second circle” you can start “third”, and it will be quite safe for the organism – in the weekly diet is all that is necessary psychologically to comply with Swedish diet and 7 days, and more easy.


Karina, 29. I generally difficult to find some method of losing weight, because all the time I want to eat. No, I, of course, on, but then as I give my desire that I was just stick 3-5-7 kg Tried the diet “seven petals”. And you know, I absolutely love it. Always critical treated mono – can’t eat diverse. And here – every day something. However, 7 kg I never dropped. But minus 3.5 kg per week is my personal result. The main thing is that nothing is really annoying: to limit portions itself is not necessary, even after 6 PM you can eat.

Maria, 25 years. I have a small weight appeared after birth. Had to reset only 9 kg was Growing Breasts and began to look for a power supply system. He immediately stopped the choice on this Swedish diet “7 petals”. It is negolodnogo technique, but effective. For the first week I lost 5 kg, then immediately went on the “second round”. In total for 14 days my plumb was exactly 9 kg as required. Perfect!

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