Методика похудения доктора Жукова

Diet Dr. Zhukov – another hit the Internet. Most likely, the method belongs to the same фейковых ways to lose weight, how to buy very cheaply» disk «25th frame» and the use of a unique, healthy and wildly deficit of green coffee. Any feedback, more or less similar to the truth, you will not find, as well as information about the author. Who is Dr. bugs? Did not see him and hear about him nor known TV presenters programs of health nor his sort of fellow physicians and nutritionists.

Doctor of beetles knows the «Factor in weight loss»

If you go to the blog or website of Dr. Zhukova, you will find that most of his adult life he helps people lose weight and become more beautiful and healthy. Now you can be among the lucky ones. To learn all the main laws and innermost secrets of healthy weight loss you need what is called a «buy free program», developed by Dr.. Those who doubt to buy a pig in a poke, perhaps заинтригуют excerpts from the methodology doctor Zhukov.

It all starts with the criticism of all diets for weight reduction. Even those developed by the venerable nutritionists and successfully practiced stars of domestic and foreign show business, bring only temporary results and… an irreparable harm to health. Moreover, they are literally «mow» our body, starting with metabolism to work of a stomach and other internal organs. And in General, diet, according to Dr. Zhukova, is the most effective quickest way to gain weight. So, we will lose weight differently. To do this, it’s helpful to know the most common myths about achieving harmony, namely that:

  1. Light exercise tone the body and weight loss are not affected. Like it’s a myth, but it’s not. At least in the program of weight loss doctor Zhukova very interesting for many time, like the effect of the shop without going to the gym.
  2. If you skip Breakfast and поморить himself hunger before lunch, you can deceive the biological rhythms of the organism – good burn some calories in the first half of the day, i.e. lose weight on the fact. Zhukov warns against such «games» and says that it is not so much the amount of food, but in its quality.
  3. Eat from 6 PM to 6 am strictly prohibited. Otherwise, without such rest of the body is never a focus on losing weight. In the program of growing thin clearly quite different. Sharp contradiction in the opinion of the doctor of Zhukov and most nutritionists is that our body is perfect пофигист – he even care what time to accumulate fat. Deprive him this possibility in the evening he will do it by day.
  4.  Food is «correct» and «incorrect». And the last should be excluded from the diet of those who want to lose weight. Doctor of beetles argue with this, noting that just need to know when to stop. In other words, if you скушаете a bit «wrong» food, the tragedy will not happen, but enjoy. In his program an author promises more thoroughly teach you to do it.
  5. Fats are the enemies of the shape. So, it isn’t. Firstly, whether the food is also fraught with a danger for health. Secondly, fat, fat – hatred. Lipids can also be divided into «right» and «wrong». The first is TRANS fat and saturated fatty acids (fats of animal origin), the second – unsaturated fatty acids (fats).

Main points of the program of weight loss doctor Zhukova

After you thoroughly familiarize with the typical errors of the majority of these unreasonable losing weight, doctor of beetles will give you practical tips on how to live further. And the main point in this is the right approach to your diet. Alas, we have them. The author does not promise that the process will be fast, but assures that «the most obedient» expect great results. Moreover, the effect achieved disappear after a few days or months, and will delight you in the mirror of life. Provided of course that you will continue to eat, drink, and live according to Zhukov, i.e. do main points of the program:

  • meals need to organize more often, and the portions do less;
  • act on the «pyramid» or, to put it the old fashioned way, eat Breakfast themselves, a dinner share with the friend, a supper give the enemy;
  • in each meal you eat something raw, but do not replace fruits and vegetables fresh juices of them drinks no fiber;
  • engage in regard to eat calories is important for weight loss;
  • without movement (physical activity) you never build a beautiful body.

Reviews about losing weight according to Dr. Zhukova

Zhanna, 29 years. Read the website, and was tempted bought the program (the author guaranteed refund if the method does not like or would not yield results). Reading the text, immediately get the feeling that this is not really a good translation from English. Well, I think it may be our Zhukov just such a stammerer tipčik. In the end, the one who helps people lose weight, not necessarily to be a philologist. But then – it’s something with something! The first ten days was told to drink very salty water with some sort of pepper, which in Russia does not get it. If after that you have survived, to be kind enough to exclude from a diet of sweets, flour and fried. Oh, right secret! Unsubscribed this doctor, now waiting for the return of the money spent for the purchase of this nonsense!

Larisa, 27 years. Herself program didn’t buy it, but I can share with all the «main dish» diet Zhukov. It is not that other, as the cocktail of PLAGIARISM. Yes you can simply compare the two site – fatlossfactor and factor-vesa. The owner of the first – a Dr. Charles, the second – beetles. Even a schoolboy with three of the English language will be seen that our doctor стырил all the information that is called, a blueprint. So the doctor Zhukov in his diet is a myth. Such a person does not exist in nature! Do not trust and do not buy in any case is a regular divorce!

Ludmila, 32 years. Week studied the article on the website of Dr. Zhukova, embrace all well and beautifully written. They acquired the program. And then the fun began. On the first page e-book, the author insisted to buy more, but the «vital» application for combating cellulite, psychological mood for weight etc. the text is written completely illiterate in terms of the Russian language. Errors in almost every sentence. Such sensation, that the doctor Zhukov somehow at leisure quickly recorded on this reasoning to all was that give unsuspecting individuals. Principles that caught me on a free website (to lose weight, dieting is not necessary) in a paid method denied completely. Have to limit myself around and terribly exercise. Filed for a refund, but hardly something exciting from these scams.

Lena, 28 years. The method of weight loss doctor Zhukov – almost everything that of the Dukan diet in his book «I can’t lose weight (limitation sweet, cuts of daily calories, overlapping on protein, excessive drinking, the importance of physical activity and etc). The who is the first author is unknown, but the second is very real person, a doctor. Yes and the Dukan diet – free, proven and effective.

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