диета для бедерTo get rid of excess weight in the hips, first of all, you need to change the normal diet, which offers diet for the hips. Of course, in the nature of the products, which themselves can get fat on the hips melted, but a balanced mix of products and reduced consumption of calories really helps to get rid of extra pounds in problem areas.


Foods that burn fat

Recently on products allowing to burn fats say very much. Whether they really help to become slimmer and get rid of a few centimeters in volume hips? Indisputable evidence that certain products really help to lose weight, to date does not exist. It is considered that, for example, green tea, pepper chili, soy products, grapefruit, garlic and almonds stimulate metabolism, but the weight loss is virtually no effect, you are unlikely to notice any change, even if you from morning till evening drink green tea and put garlic in all meals.


The program of struggle with fat

Unfortunately, no food will help rid of the fat in a given problem area, in our case, we are talking about the hips. If you want to reduce the size of the hips and get rid of excess weight in this area, first of all, you need to reduce the amount of calories consumed approximately in 250 to 500 calories a day. In principle, during the day, you can have it all, everything, the main thing is not to exceed the limit calories and eat less calories than you spend during the day. In such a situation it is very important to choose the right products, i.e. the sources of these the most calories, you will go hungry, most likely, relieving him, you exceed the limits calorie that you have set for themselves.



Lose weight help foods rich in nutrients, protein and fiber, the main thing is that these products were not too high in calories. Excellent sources of vitamins are whole grains, brown rice, oatmeal, air popcorn, legumes, in particular peas, beans and lentils. Lean proteins are found in meat chicken (without skin), beans, eggs and skim milk dairy products reduced fat, seafood, tofu, lean beef and pork. Vitamins and minerals are vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber, apples and potatoes, berries, broccoli. Do not forget about fats, but in foods to eat unsaturated fats, which are found in nuts, seeds, avocado, salmon and olive oil.


The dietary food, which saturates

Not to feel hunger attacks during the day, try to eat more often, but small portions, each of which must be present carbohydrates, simple protein and a small amount of fat. Alternatively, guests can enjoy whole grain toast with peanut butter and a Cup of low-fat yogurt with berries. At lunch, a snack with a few slices of Turkey, a piece of low-fat cheese and tomatoes, cheese and tomatoes can be put in bread and submit together with spinach, seasoned with olive oil and a small amount of balsamic vinegar. All this can be replaced beans, salad of avocado and brown rice with chunks of chicken – choose what you like most importantly, the food should be nutritious, but not high-calorie.

In the world there are so many diets that are designed to relieve women from unwanted volumes in the hips, their effectiveness is a separate question, but the fact that some diets really work, is undeniable.


Diet Rosemary Conley

Rosemary Conley, in the USA and the UK, many believe almost «dietary guru» has developed a special diet to get rid of unwanted volumes in the hips and buttocks. The idea of the diet is simple: low fat foods don’t contain a large amount of calories, but lately range of low fat products has increased considerably and consuming only fat-free products, not be able to lose weight. The number of calories, of course you can’t forget, but to reduce the amount of servings, especially, if it is a food rich in carbohydrates.

Eating carbohydrates with a low glycaemic index (GI), we насыщаемся in the longer term, therefore, the combination of low-fat foods, and it’s anything with fat content of less than 5%, with foods with a low glycemic index, helps to lose weight.

Diet rosemary Conley consists of two phases. The first phase lasts 14 days and is called «Attack on oil.» After studying the results of research, rosemary noted that people who lose the most amount of weight in the initial stages of the diet, longer-lasting results. The purpose of the first phase of the diet – fast weight loss. In the framework of this diet on each day has a 1200 calories, which are divided among three meals, two during the tour and dairy products.

At the end of the first phase begins the second, under the code name «Diet for hips, based on the glycemic index. The basis of the phase of the same 1200 calories, however, at this stage already, you can pamper yourself with desserts or a glass of alcohol, important not to go beyond 1200 calories.

When choosing a diet, most of us are wondering, how many pounds with the help of this diet you can lose. As stated by Conley, her diet allows you to reset 3.5 kg in the first two weeks and then lose 1.5 kg every week.

A typical daily diet according to rosemary Conley can be presented as follows:

  • Breakfast: 1 slice of whole-rye bread, 115 g baked beans and a piece of fruit.
  • A morning snack is 75 g grapes
  • Lunch: 300 ml soup made of fresh tomatoes with a slice of whole-rye bread and a small portion of salad.
  • Afternoon snacks: 1 Apple
  • Lunch: Pork with pineapple and chilli sauce + 200 g of vegetables steamed.

This diet, like any other, not designed for the «single shot». If after a few weeks you return to the unhealthy, fatty and high-calorie food, lost weight from returning.

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