Диета при варикозе

When registration of such a diagnosis, as varicose veins, your doctor will certainly raises the question of making corrections in the diet of the patient. Diet for varicose veins is necessary to avoid aggravating the disease. There are several techniques that will help solve the basic related ill-health problems – the extra weight, fluid retention, slagging, thickened blood. Consider the peculiarities of preparation of the diet in detail.

Rules of compilation of the diet

It has long been known that most human diseases associated with disordered eating, and eating is not very useful products. The body, «contaminated» decay (slag), gradually exposed to poisoning. Add here the stress and get that in the us begin to develop various kinds of negative processes, in particular problems with the veins. Not to be confused proper nutrition varicose veins with fashionable diets for weight loss. So to begin with, will make major changes in your diet:

  1. A large part of their daily menu should be vegetables and fruits. It is desirable that they were seasonal – only in such products is the most benefit. In winter-spring period should compensate the shortage of vitamins and minerals with the help of more comprehensive preparations.
  2. The problem with removing toxins will help solve days of discharge which should be carried out twice a week, preferably within a clearly defined periods, for example, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. In the subsequent cleaning of the organism days try to avoid overeating.
  3. The important point diets for varicose veins is the adherence to meal. Preferably eat 5 times a day in small portions. Fractional power keeps food faster and better digested, and at the same time it prevent the accumulation of toxins. Moreover, dinner should take place no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime.
  4. Prohibited products with this disease are: sweet and flour, any выпека, whole milk, meat broths and smoked meat, pickles, spices, alcohol of any fortress. Coffee should introduce a cap – flavored drink can be used no more than two cups a day and diluted cream or milk.
  5. Diet varicose veins in the legs welcomes the use of such products as fruits and vegetables, vegetable oil and sunflower seeds, fish and seafood, potatoes and beef liver, green tea and herbal infusions, vegetables (cabbage, celery, young nettles) and cereal soups, citrus fruits and berries (chokeberry, black and red currants, cloudberry, raspberry, cranberry, cherry, watermelon and gooseberry), garlic, dried fruits and nuts, all cereals, products made of rye flour, honey, various types of cheese and sea Kale, cinnamon and ginger, Ginkgo.

Special diets

Juice fasting. It is recommended before beginning the primary treatment of the disease. The basis of such power varicose veins in the lower extremities are freshly squeezed juices, which should be consumed within 4-5 days. Drinks if you want you can replace fresh fruits, but in this case the length of purification should be increased to 7-8 days. Subsequently unloading repeat monthly 2-3 days.

Diet «Rainbow». The essence of the programs of purification to eat consistently vegetables and fruits five basic colours: blue (eggplant and plums), green (Bulgarian pepper, cucumbers, apples and Cayenne peas), red (berries, tomatoes and apples), orange (pumpkin and citruses and yellow apples and bananas). Thanks to this simple approach, you can achieve a more balanced intake of essential nutrients.

Salt-free diet. The abuse of that substance, according to nutritionists, is one of the main causes of the disease. High content of salts in the body leads to violations of functionality and state of the blood vessels. So, as a power supply for varicose veins can choose one of the options salt-free diet.

Fasting. Just note that if you use only this method, then from the disease you are not saved, but will worsen their condition. Fasting will become a good addition to drug therapy. The best time to resort to this way (but only after consulting a doctor and under his supervision!) – early autumn, when the body has the time for the summer is to get saturated with all necessary nutrients. Periods of useful starvation last for 3 days, after which a break. Such a diet for varicose veins repeated every 10 days, but no more.

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