Как уменьшить объем ляшек

Diet for weight loss of Lasik is not innovative methods, and quite traditional supply system. It has no place neither starvation nor use any exotic products. The systematic reduction of the extent of this problem areas will contribute to the adherence to the recommendations, which are in transition balanced diet and the rejection of a number of deliberately harmful products. And for those who need to achieve results in the shortest possible time, developed a special menu.

The rules of food

  1. Immediately fix myself a list of things that are forbidden to use during the diet to reduce LASEK. Products that prevent the reduction of Lasik: sweet baked goods, canned food, fast food, sugar and confectionery, semi-finished products, ice cream, sweet carbonated water, sausages, pork, mayonnaise, ketchup and other ready-made sauces.
  2. The following products you can continue to drink, but in a limited number: potatoes, pasta, cereals, legumes, black tea, coffee.
  3. The menu diet for weight loss in lashkah are fruits and vegetables – by 35-40 % daily menu should be composed of them, as well as fresh juices and smoothies. Besides, it is necessary to include in the diet of milk and milk products with a low percentage of fat, lean meats, low-fat fish, buckwheat. Also useful ginger and wheat germ.
  4. Stick to the competent drinking regime. A day is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of free liquid, but it is better to calculate the individual rate according to the formula: 30 ml of water for each pound of weight. How to reduce the amount of Lasik without enough water? No way! Drink lots of useful fluids: mineral water without gas, broth hips, phyto-tea, green tea.
  5. Learn to cook properly. The first rule – do not use for heat treatment of products vegetable oils and animal fats. If you like fried foods, use for their preparation cookware with non-stick coating. There are wonders of technological progress, as aerogrill and multimarca in which the food is not only healthy but also tasty. To quickly reduce the amount of LASEK, fish, meat and vegetables cook, cook, bake in the oven, and cook steamed or grilled.
  6. Go on 4-5 meals a day. Meals make every 3-3,5 hours. Parallel to reduce the portion size. At times you have to eat not more than 200 g of food. For convenience, you can get a kitchen scales and weigh food before they eat. By the way, it is much more convenient than tedious to deal with counting calories.

Special menu for the week

If you have too little time to make a gradual transition to the right balanced diet, this effective diet slimming LASEK will help you to achieve good results in just a week. Menu method is a series of lax mono, which follow each other. Thus it is necessary to observe some of the above rules, in particular with regards to the number of meals, one portion, and the recommended daily volume of liquid.

Monday. Fish menu. Cook dishes from red and white fish, seafood, fish broth. To add variety to the diet of the day will help: vegetable salad, a serving of cottage cheese, fruits, berries.

Tuesday. Meat menu. In this day to reduce Laski will help you boiled beef (without salt). Additions to the diet the same: cheese, vegetables, fruits.

Environment. Dairy and egg products menu. Eat boiled eggs, milk and dairy products (cheese, sour cream, kefir). On the same day include raw vegetables, fruits and berries.

Thursday. Fish menu. Here repeats the menu of the first day. Also today we can afford two medium potatoes, cooked in their skins. Or you can bake roots in the oven in foil.

Friday. Fruit menu. Diet for weight loss of Lasik prescribes to eat only fruit. This citrus fruit, kiwifruit can be eaten in unlimited quantities, and grapes, oranges, bananas, raisins and dried apricots – only in the first half of the day.

Saturday. Chicken menu. The bird can be eaten boiled, baked, stewed and fried, without oil or grilled. For any other type of heat treatment skin from chicken should be removed. If desired prepare steam cutlets from white meat. You can also eat raw vegetables and cheese, but at different meals.

The resurrection. Set menu. Independently make the diet on the basis of the menu of the previous days. That is on the table slowly should be present in meat (or fish or chicken), dairy products, vegetables, fruits.

In addition, to reduce the feet of lashkah helps comprehensive approach to the problem, which means not only following a special diet, and a parallel increase in motor activity (performing special exercises, work on simulators), cosmetology (massage and self-massage, home wraps) and water (swimming, power shower, Aqua gymnastics, soda baths) procedures.

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