диета при стрептодермииStreptoderma is a skin infection, pathogens are streptococci. The effectiveness of special diets in the treatment of this disease has not been proven. However, many experts believe that patients would be useful diet if streptoderma, which is recommended for the prevention and treatment of various infectious diseases.


What do you eat when streptoderma

First of all, it should be noted that food when streptoderma must be complete: low calorie diets, and diets that restrict eating foods from certain food groups (for example, low carb diets) during illness should be avoided.

The diet should include foods that strengthen the immune system and help the body to fight infections. These products include:

  • Berries such as cranberry, bilberry, blueberry, BlackBerry, raspberry, strawberry, strawberry, currant is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Eat at least one a handful of berries a day – eat them just like that, or add cheese or cereal. By the way, in addition to many other nutrients in the berries contain anthocyanin – a substance that not only fights infections, but m prevents serious chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease;
  • Dairy products contain large amounts of calcium, protein, vitamin D – these substances necessary for normal functioning of all body systems, including the immune system;
  • White cabbage. Part of the cabbage includes substances which act as natural antibiotics to destroy the bacteria that cause various infections affecting the skin, gastrointestinal tract, urinary bladder, and so forth. If streptoderma recommended to drink 150-200 ml fresh cabbage juice a day, or to eat fresh cabbage;
  • The carrot. About the benefits of carrots us from childhood told my parents and they were absolutely right. It has a high concentration of the antioxidant beta-carotene and other nutrients that can fight a variety of infections, including those caused by Streptococcus spp. Moreover, the carrot is useful for ulcers and cancer;
  • The coconut. The coconut milk is an effective antimicrobial agent. It has long been used with worms and even with cholera, and today we know that it can help with streptococcal infections. Of course, the coconut milk will not replace medication, but patients streptoderma should use it at least several times a week in order to accelerate the recovery;
  • Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties, and it can be recommended to almost any infectious diseases, and streptoderma is no exception. It is known that garlic can cure or slow down the development of more than seventy various infections. If streptoderma it is best to eat raw garlic; add it to the salad, put the grated garlic together with a variety of vegetables on sandwiches, or eat it just like that;
  • Ginger, like garlic, is a cure for many diseases. People who suffer from streptoderma, including from its chronic form, it is recommended to drink ginger tea, or eat grated ginger mixed with honey;
  • Honey in folk medicine used to treat tens of infectious diseases. Those who have diagnosed streptoderma, you should eat it as often as possible. Add honey in your morning porridge, tea, mix it with warm milk, eat it with bread or pancakes;
  • Greens, such as spinach, celery and parsley, rich in vitamin C, folic acid, beta-carotene, iron, magnesium, phytochemicals. Many of the substances contained in green, are strong antioxidants. Mix a variety of greens, grated garlic and a little olive oil, you can make a salad that is not only delicious food, but effective medicine;
  • Whole grains contain many useful substances necessary for normal functioning of the digestive system, metabolism and immunity. Sick streptoderma should be included in your daily diet at least three servings of whole grain products. It can be whole wheat bread, quinoa, brown rice, wild risk, a variety of cereals porridge;
  • The Yam. Your diet will become healthier, if you are at least partially replace regular potatoes for sweet potatoes, which is also called sweet potato. These roots with orange pulp contain large amounts of vitamins C and E, folic acid, calcium, copper, potassium, iron, beta-Katarina, fiber. These substances are very effective tools for the prevention not only of streptococcal infections, and certain types of cancer;
  • The lemon. That lemon can be used in the treatment of colds, you know, probably everyone. However, it is also useful in other infections due to the large amount of vitamin C, and vitamins a, B1, B2 and E. it strengthens the immune system and helps it to fight infections.


What products can not at streptoderma

Strict restrictions on food for patients with this violation are absent, but usually doctors recommend them to refrain from eating foods rich in saturated fats (fried foods, sausages, margarine, and so on), and very spicy food. Also it is better to refuse any products which include dyes, flavor enhancers, flavoring agents.

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