диета на зеленом чаеWhat only changes women go to quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, with minimal energy and mental effort to get rid of extra pounds. Diet on green tea is one of those diets, which are designed for short-term use, and which essentially boils down not so much to loss fat how to get rid of extra fluid and smooth the appearance of orange peel. Green tea is really effective as a beverage for gradual weight loss, however, its use risks turning harm in excess.


Green tea and calorie – dispels the myths

Green tea burns calories is one of the most common and living myths despite the fact that nutritionists with the tenacity of professionals refute it. People frantically wanting to lose weight without hassle, with the same perseverance believe in the miraculous fat effect of green tea. In reality it is not, and all the positive properties of this drink for weight loss can be reduced to such properties of green tea as a mild appetite, eliminate excess fluid, stimulation of the digestive tract and regular bowel movements, which is also important for effective and sustainable weight loss. Therefore, the question about how many calories you burn green tea is nonsense. It does not burn calories.

Calories in green tea is another myth that should be dispelled. How many calories are in green tea? Of course, not at all. Calorie green tea without sugar is equal to zero. Drink charges the body with energy, increasing vitality, but it is not equal to that effect, which he receives, for example, after receipt of his calories from a candy bar. Neither green, nor black, nor any other tea without sugar does not contain calories, but to equate their consumption to drink clean water too.


Milk diet with green tea

Milk in combination with green tea is highly efficient for people who want to lose some extra weight. Milk has a certain nutritional value, in combination with green tea milk is not just nutritious, but also for a long time prolongs the feeling of satiety, quenching his hunger. Milk with green tea has a low nutritional value, but has excellent property to excrete the excess fluid from the body. This combination is shown to people suffering from edema and cellulite.

Molokai is a beverage derived from brewed green tea hot milk. You can also add milk to your tea, certified water – in this case, the nutritional value will decrease even more. Like any diet with inclusion in the diet of green tea, this milky tea diet requires very careful application due to the effects of the compound on the organism.


Features tea-and-milk diet

There is no prescribed diet; moreover, the sharp cuts in calorie content with the mode of the hunger strike with green tea is highly recommended, otherwise you in the short term, “put” the kidneys and liver, dehydration earn with a slow metabolism.

Avoid harmful products completely eliminate salt and sugar (you can substitute dried fruit), fried and smoked. As a source of energy for Breakfast and lunch, use whole grain and unsweetened fruit, saturate menu protein in the form of boiled meat Turkey, chicken, lean beef, white fish.

Morning brew Molokai and drink it in between meals (preferably to find the time until an hour before and after).

Taking Morococha during the day and evening will help to cope with bouts of brutal appetite in the evening.

After two or three days you will notice a smoothing of cellulite, reduction of edema in the limbs and face. During the reception of Morococha need to drink at least two liters of water, which will not slow down metabolism.


Side effects when diet green tea

Green tea lowers blood pressure, removes from the body fluid, and in combination with the reduction in habitual dietary intake you can get a whole range of trouble. Among them are: dizziness, weakness, drowsiness or opposite – excessive cheerfulness with nervousness and increased irritability. Increases the load on the kidneys and liver, stimulate bowel activity and frequent urination, which are inevitable in the period of the diet. You can get dysbiosis, irritable bowel syndrome, high acidity.

No need to diet on green tea with milk if you have milk protein intolerance, you are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression, you have an unhealthy kidneys and liver, you are prone to cystitis and hypotension.

Diet green tea with milk should not last more than three days, otherwise there is a risk of dehydration with the removal of nutrients from the body and applying the load on the urinary tract.

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