Every woman wants to be attractive and well-groomed, ranging from hair to toe. To hands always looked beautiful women doing manicure. The most common way of manicure is cut, it is called classic. But recently in the price list of the beauty salons have a new service – not edging manicure. What is the difference between them? And how to determine what kind of manicure will be more suitable?
Отличия обрезного и необрезного маникюра.3
With the advent of non-pruned (hardware manicure) many men have bought in the birthday gift your beloved with a certificate for this service. But unfortunately, not all women have appreciated the benefits of such innovations, and some of them were dissatisfied. The fact that manicure is suitable only to those who have not much overgrown cuticle, or it is very thin. As with thick cuticle apparatus cannot cope and the result of this manicure will not be visible.

Cut or classic manicure. This type of manicure is known to every woman. Before you start edged manicure, nails must be soaked in water with soap and sea salt. And only after that nakonezny or scissors to remove the cuticle. This is done very carefully so as not to cut off excess. For women, in which the capillaries are very close, this type of manicure is not suitable. As incorrect movement of the tool, you can injure the skin. Besides the fact that will start to go blood and will remain wound. And yet, poor sterilization of the instrument, there is a possibility to add some kind of infection that can be dangerous to human life.
Отличия обрезного и необрезного маникюра2
Do not cut or manicure. Done on dry using special nozzles on the handset. Nozzle with strong rotation as the blade removes the cuticle, at the same time and polishes nails. This type of manicure will not bring any harm to health. But not every woman will approach edging manicure. Because it is designed only to thin and small cuticle. Therefore, if the cuticle is thick and strongly increases – not worth wasting your time and money on a manicure. As a good result will not work.

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