If there was swelling behind the ear or swelling, so it is a symptom common disease of the lymph nodes. Of course, first of all, you should consult your doctor – оториноларингологу. He will hold a high quality examination and will prescribe a course of treatment. But not always has an opportunity to get an appointment with a specialist. Therefore, it is important to have General on the disease.

Symptoms and the cause of
Болезни лимфатических узлов : как их избежать1
Enlarged lymph node behind the ear is not that other, as inflammation of the ear. It is both localized and generalized nature. To correctly identify this disease need to know the symptoms of its manifestation. Is:

  • pain when swallowing and speaking,
  • unpleasant tingling behind the ears,
  • a small swelling,
  • enlarged lymph nodes,
  • sharp increase in body temperature,
  • later the fever,
  • rarely convulsions.

Often, lymphadenitis is a reaction of the organism to infectious defeat any body. For example, if influenza, influenza and other viral infections. Into your body by pathogenic bacteria such as streptococci and staphylococci. The disease develops in patients with impaired immunity.
Often lymphadenitis appears in children as a reaction to the unfavourable external environment. The blood of a child has a high content of leukocytes.

Болезни лимфатических узлов : как их избежать3
Needless to say, effective treatment must appoint a physician. Only he can determine the cause of the disease, and on the basis of the results of treatment. It lasts usually 10 days, after which the patient must undergo re-examination. Usually, if the disease does not proceed with complications, appoint one or two drugs from the following groups:

  • macrolides;
  • cephalosporins;
  • fluoroquinolones;
  • aminoglycosides;
  • sulfanilamida.

Article publication date: November 14, 2013

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