Approaching a long-awaited holiday – all-live waiting for the New year. And every girl or woman with a vengeance «brings beauty». In the course are all possible and impossible measures and methods – are now full to capacity rooms fitness clubs and comfortable cabins of massage parlors. Newspapers and web sites are full of a variety of ads in the style of «anti-cellulite massage Kiev» and «original manicure New year, creating additional excitement.

новогодний маникюр

Female beauty is a lot of victims. As the festive season all women want to be particularly attractive. And they, naturally, will help a special, festive manicure.

новогодний маникюр 2

Start preparing for manicure better with the preparation of their «tenacious claws» of reincarnation. It is well known that no one lacquer just can’t look good on ill-prepared basis. Now we still have, the fit would be patient and treat their hands pleasant preparatory procedures, and at this time in the mind to imagine what we want to see our manicure. Start «study» the future shape, colour and pattern to the choice of venue for the holiday. This is very important, do not underestimate it.

новогодний маникюр 4

If you are preparing for youth party will be quite appropriate original, creative notes and bright colors, and if you have to «go out» – there is most suitable pastel classics. For the implementation of the proposed stormy trip to the Carpathian mountains is not worth doing expensive manicure. It is not quite appropriate and, most likely, have a little «stand aside» at the moment, while the rest of the куражатся and have fun.

новогодний маникюр 5

Thus, the place selected, begin to think of a figure. It is worth noting that in this season’s latest trends of fashion technology continues to lead нуд, and often do we find it very hard to resist the challenges of modernity. Naturalness today at the peak of popularity. No overhead elements, natural color varnish on manicured nails – and you automatically become «Miss Irresistible». This style, in addition to its novelty and freshness is extraordinarily versatile, and can come to participate in any public event.

новогодний маникюр 6

When choosing a color, a good option would be Ombre. This is a kind of color stretching from dark to light or Vice versa. No harm in a new year’s manicure will be our «old friends» – sequins or small стразики. The past is not necessarily impose on each nail – most likely it will look somewhat пресыщенно or even vulgar. Enough to wear this dress just a couple of nails, and they will mysterious glimmer and Shine in the dim room. Now let’s talk about color. Fashionable next year will be rich red, blue, green colors and color «ruby» and «metallic» with all the amazing its variety of colors. Maintains its position and technique of fine lace manicure, it also has its fans in the environment a little bit capricious and emphasized proud ladies.

новогодний маникюр 7

Taking this opportunity, you can easily use a winter theme or symbols of the New year. Relevant, interesting and original in subtle ноготке will look horseshoe, which you will be able to draw on their own. All kinds of snowflakes and снеговички will add to your manicure playful notes and will make you the center of attention as the subject of genuine envy of friends.

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