One of the most notorious in recent months diets – «5:2) consists in the following: during five days a person can eat any kind of food, anything not limiting yourself. But then two days, you must starve, reports the American edition of the Live Science. Rather, it is not even about the famine in its pure form. Simply to reduce the number of calories consumed up to six hundred men and up to five hundred for women.

The author of this mode of supply is Dr. Michael Mosley, who wrote many scientific papers in medical Sciences. As Mosley said that he personally was able to lose weight for 2012 twenty pounds. His book called «Fast diet» enters in ten leaders of sales on the territory of the United States of America. Indeed, to reduce the body mass is required to consume fewer calories than is spent by the body. However, the experts also seriously doubt the safety of the diet «5:2». In their opinion, such a system of power will eventually lead to the development of improper eating behavior.

The point is that if a person is dramatically reduces the number of поедаемой food, he begins to think about it, that with a high probability will be the cause of overeating during those five days, when the diet is «5:2» allows not limit yourself. Also Pets bias towards unhealthy, but tasty dishes (chips, burgers, fried in a large quantity of oil potatoes), because a person does not think about the correctness of the diet in General.

As noted by Catherine Толлмадж, a nutritionist with years of experience, people find it difficult to follow the scheme which starvation. She also mentioned about patients who, on the contrary, five days a week, eat a little, but on weekends they make a «feast». As a result, any weight loss cannot be and speeches.

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