Porcelain skin, soft sensual lips, open widely eyes that looked so well-known model Twiggy, who changed the direction of the wind fashion industry in the sixties of the last century 180 degrees. Top model styled anorexic thinness, porcelain skin, doll’s eye and became the first servant of the podium, podstrigsheysya under the boy. The very first image of “cocaine” chic was Twiggy, and not as accustomed to consider most, Kate moss.

The fragile image of top model tried to copy not only teenagers, but also women of the older generation. This retro makeup style celebrity is today at the peak of popularity. So, how to do the eye makeup? Read in this article.

As if illuminated from the inside flawless skin is what is needed in the process of applying makeup to achieve. All imperfections need to cover up with concealer and Foundation. Tone to impose better on cleansed and moisturized skin. To get the effect of porcelain lights, add some Hilter in your Foundation. The main advice of stylists, often using electric saws and other modern equipment: cosmetics should be applied in a thin layer so it will not be practically noticeable on the face, otherwise you do not get the image of young girls.

When applied to the face concealer, should not mask the freckles, because they were the hallmark of Twiggy.

Give volume to the lips.

Model Twiggy had puffy from nature’s lips. But it is not used in its make-up lipstick red and bright shades. Copying the image, it is better to give preference to the brilliance neutral flesh color.

Create the doll’s eye.

The main focus, which did top model Twiggy in his makeup, was on the eyes. They should be huge, like something you are greatly surprised. On the lid it is necessary to apply a pearly white shadow on the crease that separates the stationary and the mobile eyelid, apply a shade of grey and brown. Then you should hold the liner contour line growth of the upper eyelashes, slightly thickening the line from the middle of the century and going a little bit beyond the boundaries of the eyelids.

In this makeup eyelashes must be very long and lush. This effect can help to achieve Curling curler. Hold your lashes in millimeters from the roots and slowly slide the tongs up the growth of eyelashes.

Then on the lower lashes, apply a thick coat of mascara. You can also resort to using false eyelashes. The main thing to achieve the effect of thick lashes.

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