взаимоотношенияFashion trends force us to change clothes. And do you know what trends winning now in the relationship? Today I will tell you the simplest activity diagram in 2015, in order not to be one. Drove.


What to do if you’re tired of waiting?

In fact. There was a time you were waiting for. Well, admit it. Because all the girls are waiting.

Some life, some decades, some years. Well, because it’s the easiest. To fold arms and wait. So mom and girlfriend were talking about.

Wait, say, a mate and he will come. Tell your fortune on it, think about it, imagine how you’ll be good and wait.

Well, OK. a Couple of centuries ago, maybe it was true, but in the court of 2015.

  • Did you see the reality?

Our time is characterized by tough competition FOR ALL the really valuable. Including, it happened, and for men.

Well, little good. Well, that’s so. Men become alcoholics or narcomaniac.

Someone turned into a redneck, someone has left to live with her mother in 35, someone turned into a tyrant, and someone upheval office rat and in addition to the Friday beer does not want anything.

Agree, quality men not so much. Not enough at all – that’s for sure. And so competition.

And now a rhetorical question.

If women who want a family with a cool man, much more than these men, what do you think – position expectations will lead you to success???

Of course, no.

More active competitors will tense up, attract the guy and already under his wing will relax. What can you do? – you can ask me.

C where to start? Just go outside and begin to get to know – it’s scary and how to do it is unclear. And then, as not to run into mosnicka and calculate charismatic?

There are many questions.

I, as a coach will give you a hint.


The easiest plan for your happiness

  • You need to find out what man is right for you and where to find him.

(Not necessarily to draw a detailed portrait. It is necessary in General to understand what type will be your man to narrow the search space. And that’s all)

  • You need to understand what men don’t want to deal with.
  • You have to study the material – where are the places with your potential man.

You should visit these places and watch – there’s an interesting instances. Something from the list you remove that then leave.

  • Should work on your appearance. To understand where the cons and the pros.
  • Study the material by acquaintance and to learn the simplest way (social).
  • To start practicing the elements of flirting and Dating at work, in restaurants and shops. For now just smile, phrases into the air clues.
  • To start the first conscious Dating and be sure that it’s not scary, but very fun.
  • To get acquainted with the most interesting men and collect a list of 5-6 options.
  • Go to the format of first dates. To spend all applicants on the same date.
  • To weed out uninteresting options and leave the 3 coolest.
  • Hold 2 and 3 a date with 3 finalists.
  • Choose one winner and break into the relationship.
  • To fix the relationship and enjoy each other.

That’s the easiest plan for your happiness, so to speak. You can blame me, say, how so? But what about fate and chance?

Well OK. Now you’re here with me. Reading this article. How do you do?

Fate bestowed upon you a great man and a great relationship?


Well, you see.

It’s not destiny, and those actions that you do or don’t do in the direction of a relationship.

But wait there is already no urine. In the court of 2014. How long to wait? You’re not getting any younger. We have to act right now. How?

If you want, I’ll help you. I have a package with all the necessary information that will give you satisfactory answers to all of the parent 14 points.

And create happiness itself. As they say, in order to help you, God only two hands. Yours.

More information and examples you can get here.

Communication was Leo Vozhevatov.


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