контрастный душ для похуденияWhat action is taken by women to lose weight and leave the skin smooth and without a single sign of the hated cellulite. To do this really is problematic, especially when body fat is significant, turgor rough, and the skin due to long not young age, poorly tightened and may SAG after a hard diet. To avoid this, there are other procedures that lead to effective weight loss and maintenance figures in tone. Douche for weight loss is one of them.


Use contrast showers for weight loss

Shower is called a contrast because of the contrast temperature water, which affects the body. If not conventionally and schematically – first hot, then cold. Hot water opens the pores, dilates blood vessels, softens tissue, while cold Vice versa – tightens, tones, tightens, and seals.

The effect of contrast shower for weight loss that adipose tissue is gradually softened, is an excellent lymphatic drainage, from the cells of toxins and excess fluid, dissolve cellulite, the skin becomes smooth.

If douche is a regular procedure, which together with other measures for systematic, regular and slow weight loss, body tissue after getting rid of extra pounds look flat and smooth, the skin glows with health. Even better to combine the effect of changes of temperature contrast shower with massage water jet, which is perfectly softens fatty tissue and cellulite.


How to take a contrast shower for weight loss

It is best to make a douche procedure, the final exercise, since her skin had softened, enhanced circulation, metabolism overclocked – it’s time to reinforce the effect of the exercise of contrasting temperatures.

Start a douche with water temperatures of around 30°C, spray water on the treated area for about one minute. You should then increase the temperature to moderately hot, and also to hold about one and a half minutes. The next stage is the transition to the low temperature – cold water handle area for about a minute, then return to hot for 30-40 seconds, and again switch to cold water and hold for about a minute.

So you need to make a few cycles, gradually switching from cold water to hot, but each approach should not last more than one minute. If you are a beginner, do not be too zealous in the duration of the procedure – increase the time gradually. Contrast shower usually lasts no longer than 10 minutes, but it all depends on the specifics of the process and areas of influence of the water jet. Someone puts this procedure, only the belly, someone – all problem areas of the body including the face, hands, hips, buttocks, calves. He always ends with cold water.


Improving the efficiency of a contrast shower for weight loss

Douche by itself will not save you from fat, you may “increase” over the years. To lose weight will help only a set of measures to decrease caloric intake, increase physical activity and inclusion in the program of additional measures, including a contrast shower. So in the course of this water treatment fat faster “melting”, we need to help him massage.

Arm yourself with a massage roller or brush massage with fingers or stiff bristles and massage the tissue during a contrast shower. Massage the cloth in a circular motion, especially focusing during exposure to hot water – the fabric is a perfect warm up, layer of fat will begin to disappear much faster.

After the shower, Pat the body with a towel and apply to the treated area anti-cellulite cream. It will penetrate deep into the tissue and its active ingredients will be able to effectively deal with deposits of fat cells.


Contraindications to contrast the soul

You cannot resort to contrast the soul if you feel unwell, menstruation, high blood pressure. Varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, blood circulation disorders, chronic cardiovascular disease, heart rhythm disorder, cancer, severe diseases of the nervous system is strict contraindications to contrast the soul.

Some diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of bones, joints and muscles are an indication for contrast shower, while for others it may be contraindicated. More detail on the issue of contraindications in the presence of chronic diseases will respond to the attending physician.

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