контрастный душ от целлюлитаDouche cellulite is painless, effective solution to the problem of “orange peel”. If you take a shower daily, cellulite will disappear much faster and the skin will become tight, elastic, firm, smooth, supple, which is difficult to achieve when losing weight through diet. The properties of contrast soul against cellulite cannot be underestimated, but to overestimate is not worth. Only through an integrated approach in solving this serious defect, which affects the majority of women.


The effect of contrast shower cellulite

Cellulite is a change in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, which, firstly, leads to disruption of microcirculation and metabolic processes in tissues, and secondly, from an aesthetic point of view affects the appearance of the skin. The cellulite affected only women due to hormonal reasons, seats localization of this problems are most often the hips, buttocks and abdomen, the inner surface of the shoulder. Fat cells, stagnant fluid, accumulation of toxins cause roughness tissues, which become cold to the touch due to the fact that in these areas of impaired circulation.

Solutions to the problem of cellulite a lot, and one of them is a direct impact on the fabric high temperatures, mechanical softening, and all this can be realized by means of the procedure contrast shower.

Contrast shower – shower in the change in temperature from hot water to cold. Such training has a beneficial effect on the tissues affected by cellulite. Through regular contrasting soul improves blood flow to this area, improving local metabolism, tissue increases the flow of oxygen, resulting in decreased swelling of tissues, smoothed elevation, compacted skin, and cellulite is not a trace remains.


How to take a contrast shower against cellulite

If you intend to get rid of “orange peel”, take action every day, using the whole complex. Douche against cellulite can and preferably do morning and evening, every procedure ending with cold water. The most effective douche against cellulite after exercise or massage. Massage can be combined with contrast showers, stretching the fabric while the impact on the fabric of hot water.

Positive effects against cellulite will have a contrast shower with high water pressure, providing excellent stimulating effect, stretching adipose tissue, and removes toxins and excess fluid. if you have a regular shower, be sure to help yourself with a brush or massage roller, good rubbing cloth.

To begin douche should with warm water, then the temperature is increased to the maximum tolerated hot, which is replaced by cold water temperatures of 7-10°C.

Stream soul need to drive on problem areas in a circular motion, alternating with the direction of water downwards through the lymph flow. The reception contrast shower – 10-15 minutes, depending on the amount of processed area of the body, each session of hot and cold water should last no more than one minute. This mode provides the most effective and safe workout tissues without overloading due to temperature shock duration.


Douche from stretch marks

Stretch marks and cellulite cannot be called two sides of the same metal, but both of these phenomena are similar in many ways. From them there is no harm except that they look ugly, unsightly skin and cause a lot of complexes, not allowing you to wear revealing clothing. And cellulite, and stretch marks appear after weight gain, and both of these defects can be prevented or corrected using contrast showers.

If stretching of the skin has already appeared, it makes no sense to attempt to cure the skin one cold shower – it’s useless.

A douche can be a great prevention of stretch marks, which will not appear on a trained skin, well prepared to mechanical loads.

To prevent stretching of the skin can be in the same mode as in the fight against cellulite. To increase the elasticity of the skin is recommended after contrast shower, apply on skin firming cream is a nourishing cream or a special agent for the prevention of stretch marks.


Diet and drinking

To increase the effectiveness of contrasting soul against cellulite is to revise the diet and fluid intake. First, it is necessary to strictly limit the salt content in food, second is to fill your diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, refusing fried, baked, sweet and reducing the consumption of finished processed food, junk food.

1.5-2 litres of water a day is the norm for any person, the more it is important to lose excess liquid, accelerating the metabolism. Also help yourself to deal with “orange peel” regularly consuming a couple of cups of green tea.

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