контрастный душA douche may be your regular tempering procedure, if you have no contraindications to him. This is a great boost for the immune and many other systems and organs, but only subject to all rules and regulations and taking into account all possible contraindications and side effects. Hardening cold shower is a good solution to maintain health and prevent many chronic diseases.


Rules contrast shower

Douche makes the change of temperature from cold to hot, and each must act on the body from 30-40 seconds to 1-1.5 minutes. The temperature contrast shower varies from ice to tolerate hot, but the extreme numbers should be used only for people with a healthy cardiovascular system and more in preventive measures for hardening, and not for treatment. If you are a neophyte in the field of this method of hardening, do not jump to extremes to find for themselves a douche with temperatures within 10°C minimum and 30°C -40°C max. Rely on your feelings and not strive, if you feel discomfort while showering.

How to take a contrast shower to get the maximum effect? you need to choose the correct temperature and to follow a clear pattern. Start always with warm water, so that the body did not experience a shock, it is better that the fabric first, a little warmed up, and then got a stream of a cold shower. A few seconds of warm water, then go on hot and allow up to one minute. Then proceed in the mode of cold water for 30 seconds, then again in hot water again for 30 seconds. Next you have to endure two more pair approach with the change of hot and cold one minute each, for a total of four minutes in total. Finish the procedure with cold water.

After the shower, dry wipe the body with a towel, quickly rubbing his massage movements. Immediately after a shower to go out is not recommended – it is better to do it at least an hour or two.


Douche for vessels

Vessels is the most important thing is acting a douche, so he has a direct effect on the cardiovascular system. Holoda water constricts the blood vessels, hot – expanding, enhancing the blood circulation. When contrasting the soul vessels are well trained, improves tone and elasticity, the heart becomes more resilient. But all this in the absence of contraindications, otherwise such an influence on the cardiovascular system can result in negative consequences.


The best time to contrast shower

Time is an important factor contributing to the effectiveness of a contrast shower. It can be taken twice a day, but more specifically it all depends on your own schedule of life and activity. Contrast shower in the morning helps you Wake up, configures the body on a wave of energy, increases metabolism, and therefore considered to be more effective than evening. But this is true if you are a lark, I feel in the morning cheerful and contrast water therapy will not be for your body and immunity shock therapy.

A contrast shower for the night shows women who struggle with cellulite and stretch marks . After the shower, you can make a light relaxing massage and apply to problem areas of preventive and curative cosmetics, then going to sleep, leaving her to act throughout the night.

A contrast shower after a workout is a wonderful way to maintain muscle tone, prolonging its effectiveness. After considerable physical exertion douche helps the muscles to relax and recover. The next day after a workout, especially if you planned the lesson, you will no longer feel pain and severe muscle fatigue as a douche will be trained muscles rather regenerative procedure, supportive and relaxing.

A contrast shower after exercise will be a good way to hold the body in shape if you lose weight. You not only will not hurt the muscles and skin will gradually catch up, and cellulite will not soon be over.

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