Sometimes each of us wants something cute and interesting on the nail, but to determine what it is, is sometimes difficult. If you want to cheer yourself up, and get your friends to marvel at, you can use the suggested way to apply extraordinary pattern on your nails. If you want a party or going to go on birth in the United States, with this manicure you will be comfortable in any case.

роды в США


How to make a manicure, “Pirozhenko”?

Usually the style of delicious Pirozhenko” differs lilac-pink tones. From dark and bright, nuclear shades should be abandoned. Drawing a cake, remember that it must be “soft” on appearance and not asking for it to be immediately noticed.

роды в Майами


    So for this manicure you need to take:
  • pink lacquer;
  • light lilac lacquer;
  • white or light cream;
  • red lacquer;
  • colorless lacquer.

As you can see, the base of this figure is rather extensive, so I have to try to have all the colors are well combined with each other. “Pirozhenko” look great on long and medium nails, but on short nails is better to pick something else, there is a risk that this style will visually shorten the nails.

пироженки на ногтях 4

The first step after preparation of the nail – apply a light purple rectangle. He will play the role of “baskets”, and therefore, should wait until the varnish has dried. Then apply a white or creamy color, which will simulate the cream. Important: do something like slides, and in the place where the two layers in contact, do the rough waves, as if the glaze off the basket. Then with a needle and pink lacquer, swipe lilac basket vertical stripes that serve as a necessary decoration.

пироженки на ногтях 1

As the final part – “scatter” white “cream” some of confectionery decorations in the form of hearts from red lacquer, and at the very top Prelate strawberry, again, helping yourself with a needle.

Ready, simple and interesting figure will long to please you, if you inflict on it a layer of colorless nail Polish. It’s time to go for delivery in Miami, if you are expecting a baby, or a holiday at the sea!

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