Dress is one of the most feminine garments. They always were and will be in demand among the fairer sex. In this article we look at the most fashionable dresses years 2013-2014 autumn-winter.
This season women’s dress shop as in the season autumn-winter 2013 rely on the bright prints and colours.
Модные платья этого сезона. Разнообразие выбора1
Black classic dress

Black dresses introduced in the history of the famous Coco Chanel. This season offers several interpreted models black dresses.

Black dress with white sleeves or collars. Looks quite touching and nice. Black leather sheath dress. This is an opportunity to look to a new classics in the wardrobe.

Textured playfulness or a black dress with a transparent elements. Looks quite effectively and simultaneously adds originality.

Trendy colors this season

This season, more attention is paid to однотонности. Black, white, red, and hyacinth, yellow, orange, blue color, and the shades of green and emerald green is the color that is relevant in this season.

Print dresses
Модные платья этого сезона. Разнообразие выбора3
1. Floral print. Especially with floral prints are very popular, ranging from lush flowers and pumping abstract floral motifs.
2. Dress in a cage. This season obvious favorite largest cell.
3. Animal prints. Also in fashion, especially print Zebra and under the giraffe.
4. Camouflage print. Is no stranger to the fashion scene, which looks rather on a girl.
Actual styles this season
1. Dress cases. With sleeves or without plunging necklines or Bateau neckline.
2. Shirt-dresses. They can be worn together with sneakers or shoes without heels.
3. Sweater-dress. Knitted or Angora, to help keep warm in cold weather.
4. The style of the new look. Despite the pretentiousness, has a fairly attractive.

Преображайтесь and look classy and fashionable!

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