платье в горошекFigure polka dots looks elegant and gives along playfulness. At the same time, it creates an elegant and classic way. Dress in polka dots combined with properly selected shoes and accessories will always look magical.

Dress in polka dots never go out of fashion. It can be worn in any season. Choose it in the color that suits you. Selecting a dress, pick it accessories. Always try to choose accessories in a color and pattern that will suit to the color of the dress. And, because the figure in the pea itself is attractive, you will not need a lot of accessories to make the expressive way.

Pearl necklace or pair of earrings and bracelet, it may be enough to give the dress in polka dot chic look. There are different dresses in polka dots, but it is better to choose one that can be worn with a belt, so it can be worn as business attire. A plain strap will enliven polka dots and make the dress more expressive. If you wear this dress in the winter, you can choose to dress cute hat and scarf. White scarf and a white cap will be very nice look with the black dress with white polka dots.

If you cool jacket or cardigan will always be a great addition to dress in polka dots. Jacket in military style or blazer is also relevant, but they should be simple enough to come to the dress. Figure polka dots goes best with simple things.

The type of handbags that will match the dress with polka dots, depends on where you go in this dress. As a daily option will suit bag bag. Clutch or bag-envelope preferred for formal events. Choose soft bag, because the figure in the pea itself attracts attention.

Choosing shoes to dress in polka dots, you can stay in any style, depending on the weather and type of dress. If you wear a dress with boots, pick them in tone. At other times of the year can wear this dress with shoes flat shoes, shoes with closed toes or sandals with low heels.


How to choose the accessories to dress in polka dot

  • Select a color with which you want to emphasize dress. Typically the polka dots can be black, red or white. If you have a black dress with white polka dots, select a pair of black or white accessories, then add a bright scarf or bag red, green, blue or yellow.
  • If the peas are large, select a pair of large accessories. If the peas are small, take a couple of small accessories and one large. Don’t you want to wear a scarf, hat, bag, belt, earrings, necklaces and bracelet. Discuss such combinations as bright scarf, earrings and clinking bracelets of the same color or a large bag, hat, necklace and belt.
  • Do not overdo it with accessories. They need to emphasize dress with polka dots, and not to draw attention away from it. Do not select multicolor accessories. For example, if you have a black and white dress with polka dots, wear a simple red hat, a black bag with ornaments, red pumps and black and white bracelets. Or, if you have a white dress with red polka dots, wear a black belt, black shoes, red earrings and a black handbag.
  • Emphasize dress, jokes large flower to the hair or belt. Let it be the main accessory, you do not need a belt or large bag. The black dress with white polka dots fit red flower.
  • Shoes should not be too detailed or complex. Ideal a couple of simple plain sandals or shoes-court shoes. If they have too many straps or very high heels, they can detract from the style of the dress.


What shoes to wear dress in polka dot

  • Dress style. In the choice of shoes to dress in polka dot plays a decisive role style of dress. Choose a dress and shoes from the same period. If this dress in the style of the 1950s, pick him a couple of simple court shoes high heels with a strap around the ankle. Dress from the early 1980s, it would be appropriate to look with booties on small, thin heels. Pumps with a round toe wide heels are ideal to dress in the style of a 1930’s or 1940’s. If the dress is modern, pick shoes that are in fashion now. Platform shoes with a rounded open toe well suited to a short dress without sleeves, and autumn would look great with dress long sleeve with boots with a low heel and thick tights.
  • The silhouette of the dress is also important. A simple dress a-line it would look better with simple shoes-boats. More extravagant gown can be worn with shoes that have interesting details, for example, a large buckle on the strap around the ankle or bright flower on the front. Pointy shoes will match the dress with V-neck, and shoes with a round toe accentuate the dress with skirt-sun.
  • Color. Shoes the same color as the polka dots on the dress will look brighter than shoes, repeating the main color of the dress. However, you can always choose shoes in a neutral color, like black or beige. If your dress has a neutral color, bright shoes will create a stylish way. Try to wear shoes dark blue denim with beige dress with brown polka dots. You can never go wrong wearing red heels with a black dress with white polka dots.
  • Your personal style. Your personal style is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing shoes to dress in polka dots. The same dress will look great on five different women, if they correctly pick him accessories and accentuate your individuality. Imagine a white dress-shirt in bright polka dots and a belt made of fabric. A woman who dresses in a classic style, can wear it with white boats on average heels and a string of pearls. A lover of dance can pick up dress, this pair of cowboy boots and a girl going on a date, put on him a pair of bright blue court shoes with high heels and earrings in the form of rings of the same color. The woman who prefer the retro style, can wear a dress with boots and lace fingerless gloves. A lover of punk style can wear this dress with a massive shoes, and the belt of fabric to replace the black studded belt. One dress to five different images, and each one is the one that puts on.

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