платье рубашкаLike a little black dress or pencil skirt, a dress-shirt must be present in your wardrobe. The shirt dress is a classic item of high fashion that can be worn both in summer and winter, to the beach or to a party.


The choice of the dress shirt

None of the dress-shirt will not look the same on different women. Dress should be chosen depending on the structure of the body.

If you short, avoid dresses big size that falls below the knee. In it you will seem even smaller than it really is. In this case, suitable model in the form of a shirt with slits on the sides starting from the hips, for the summer. In winter there is nothing better and simply stretch dress shirts and a pair of boots.

If you are the owner of rounded shapes, the option of dresses with a deep neckline accentuate your shape. You is the best fit model in the style of 50’s length is mid-calf with a belt, which nicely accentuate the waist.

At high growth, there are no restrictions. You fit all. You are the only one who can dare to wear a long dress-shirt, which reaches to the ankles. Another option is the white model with pockets.

If you have a slim, recommended to choose the dress material, which will give the volume, for example, jeans. As for length – it is better, if it is the middle of the thighs. Will look good dress shirt bright colors and prints.


What to wear with a dress shirt

Dress shirt can be worn in combination with other wardrobe items. For example, for output suited dress shirt and black slacks complemented by a pair of black sandals with heels.

Dress-shirt and torn skinny jeans will give your style glamour and chic. In addition, you can offer a pair of black shoes.

Ideal – shirt dress with black leggings. Black suede heeled sandals will improve your image.

Show your image of the bold and mischievous little girls with dress-shirt and leather leggings. This image looks augmented due to the low sneakers.

Dark blue dress-shirt can be supplemented with a belt.

This season popular dress-shirt with embroidery.

Denim shirt dress is the easiest and most essential version of the model.

Day for going to work fit dress shirt with a collar, a thin belt and pumps.

For a more casual look will complement a dress-shirt, black leather jacket, red bag and black Derby.

Evening dress can be worn with tights, a jacket made of ostrich feathers. As accessories you can pick up a long necklace and a clutch bag.

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