платья для полных женщинCurvy should not interfere with the beautiful dresses, where ever you go – to work, to a party, to the theatre or a walk or on vacation. Dresses for overweight women should be selected with all the features of the figure. Something will definitely need to disguise, something to emphasize. Unlike models intended to be worn by women with slender figure, full of need rather neutral style dresses that don’t attract too much attention, but emphasize the style, personality, highlighting the femininity and professionalism, when it comes to dress for work.


Casual dresses

For daily life obese women need to choose dresses that do not restrict movement, do not look too strict, but not evening and holiday. Dresses with modest prints, which would detract from the completeness and quiet simple cut, winning for the figure are the main “pillars” for this model.

  • Dress shirts

Dress-shirt miraculously fits into the everyday role for women with a full figure. It connects a certain rigor, but doesn’t look boring. Wear a shirt dress only if you have very large Breasts, choose dark colors – black, blue, dark brown, classic khaki. The belt should be wide enough, and the fabric of the dress is tight, no knocks in the folds. Shirt dress is perfect for women who prefer the casual-chic.

  • Dresses with the smell

Wrap dress, invented in the seventies, to this day is one of the best models for women. With it well how to mask a full belly and a prominent chest. To do this best, it is recommended to choose dresses with printed pattern medium size and dark color. Sheer dress – knee length or just below, long, but better with sleeves three-quarter length.


Business dresses

Not always easy to pick up for the full women a nice dress, where you can go to work, because the choice of decent options that can be fit into the framework of a dress code, not so great. But do not despair, because you can always find what the woman feels professional and don’t hesitate because of the shape.

  • Dresses bodycon

Sheath dress is a classic model for almost any occasion, and for office first. If you have a full figure, choose a dark colored dresses with close-fitting lines, it can also be put on high-quality shapewearthat will help bring shape to the silhouette of the “hourglass”. When large Breasts can choose dress with a peplum at the waist, which draw some of the attention to yourself and will allow you to make the figure more harmonious.

  • Dress-suit

Dress suit for fat women – a true fashion gem, because using a desktop or jacket-Bolero can be hidden hands full. You can pick up a good option for summer time and cold weather, choosing between tissues of different densities and colors.


Summer dresses

In the summer you can endlessly experiment with shades, designs and cut of the dress. For curvy fashionistas will be no shortage of beautiful models of dresses for every day and on the way out. Summer dresses long for women are only suitable if they are high enough.

  • Dresses-tunics

Best summer dresses for full low women’s light dresses-tunics that can be sewn from almost weightless materials and heavier fabrics, such as linen or viscose. Not to seem dimensionless spacious and shapeless tunic, it is better to choose models with belt and V-neck, and the length is below the knee.

If you have a normal or tall, you can wear dress-tunic in ethnic style, with sleeves-volatile soap, large throat cut, high waist or no waist at all. Long sleeves flared sleeves with the correct neck tunic would detract from the completeness of the middle part of the body – the abdomen and chest.

  • Sundresses with the smell

If it’s very hot, and you can afford to show open hands, your choice – summer dress with the smell. It is suitable for any height, adjust the chest region and will make bulging belly visually slimmer. To appear even slimmer, choose a floral printed drawings, but not very small – they will create the effect of trompe l’oeil – blende to the eye.


Autumn and winter dress

Light dresses to complete is almost always preferable to those that are created from heavy fabrics that can make the figure too, but this is not the case fall and winter, when there is a sense to warm up and change the style. Dresses for overweight women winter and autumn are models of wool and knitwear.

  • Woolen dress with long sleeve and V-neck

Both at work and for everyday life, you can purchase a dress-suit, covering his hands, and dress to the knee with long sleeves, but not with zapihnuti throat, and with a neat V-neck. This neckline elongates your silhouette vertically, and you will not look heavy. The silhouette of the dress – fitting, without accents at the waist, but if you have enough expressed her line, can indicate its wide leather strap.

  • Dresses made of fine knitwear

Thin knitted fabrics for women is only possible if it is not tight folds of fat. So you want to choose dresses that will sit well on shapewear or to care about getting the model with print, which does not allow to consider such figure flaws.

Dresses thin knits may in appearance to resemble the styles of summer dresses with a marked waistline and a flared skirt. They can be both long and knee length or slightly below. Don’t forget that thin Jersey for overweight women can prove to be treacherous material, so no need to admit draperies in problem areas – on the chest or the abdomen, where excess volume is invalid. Choose a model with a V-shaped throat and without protruding elements mating, the best of Jersey dark solid colors or with moderately expressive print.

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