сухая кожа лицаDry skin is a phenomenon extremely unpleasant. Constant feeling of tightness, itching and flaking causes only desire as soon as possible to get rid of it. The condition of the skin depends on a number of factors, among which not last role is played by proper care of the skin, air quality, specific food and even the cloth, from which sewed our clothes.

Doctors often say that the internal problems of the body are reflected on our skin, but external factors and lifestyle also affect the appearance of our skin. For example, people working outdoors or in continuous contact with water, your skin is drier, however, it is often to peel and even crack.

With age, the skin becomes drier, these changes become particularly noticeable after age 40. Dry skin is more common in patients suffering from atypical dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.


Proper nutrition

A proper balanced diet is of great importance in maintaining the natural softness and elasticity of the skin. If you have dry skin in the diet must be present products with the content of fatty acids omega-3, these substances nourish the skin with essential nutrients, normalize lipid balance and prevent the loss of precious moisture.

Eating salmon, nuts and vegetable oils strengthens skin cells, moisturizes tissue structures, which is very important to prevent wrinkles. The lack of fatty acids in the body is manifested in different ways, but one of the most common signs of a lack of fatty acids – skin problems, dryness, eczema, cracked feet and heels and so on.

In addition to moisture, fatty acid omega 3 have anti-inflammatory effect that is very useful for irritated dry skin.

рыба для сухой кожа лицаFish is the main source of fatty acids omega-3, but larger fish are more likely to carry not only nutrients, but also no small share of toxins. In fact, to date, the lower the position of a species of fish in the food chain, the fish is so useful.

To make up for the lack of fatty acids in the body, try to eat more sardines, anchovies and herring.

People with increased skin dryness nutritionists recommend to enrich your diet supplements in the type of krill oil, increasing the dose of consumption in cold and dry winter months.

Coconut oil – a unique natural remedy that possesses excellent moisturizing and anti-aging properties. When applied topically coconut oil absorbs well into the skin and connective tissue, thereby preventing the appearance of new wrinkles and making existing ones less visible. Coconut oil is a powerful antioxidant and, in addition to having antimicrobial action. The main active components of coconut oil is capric acid and lauric acid.

As skin care products coconut oil can be used externally alone or as a component in combination with a variety of essential oils. To preserve butter for a longer time, the coconut oil can be whipped with a mixer.

овощи против сухой кожи лицаEat more fresh vegetables, ideally it should be local vegetables of organic origin. Carotene found in red, yellow and orange fruits gives your skin a fresh and healthy appearance. If you don’t like fresh vegetables in salads or side dishes, drink fresh vegetable juices.

Pickled vegetables are less useful than fresh. The consumption of pickled and fresh vegetables promotes the growth necessary for healthy bowel bacteria. The signals of these microorganisms enter all organs, including the skin cells. Improvement of the intestinal microflora is directly related to the elimination of pruritus and chronic skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Those who do not like or for some reason do not consume pickled vegetables, nutritionists recommend to Supplement the diet with high quality probiotics.

To improve the condition of very dry skin it is recommended to reduce the consumption of sugar, fructose, grains and TRANS fats. The rejection of these products in a month allows you to see positive results.


Drink more water

The lack of water in the body often leads to dry top layer of skin cells. To check whether you are drinking enough water by the color of urine, dark urine too indicates a lack of moisture, enough water in the body is characterized by pale yellow color of urine.

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