сухость кожи зимойExcessive dry skin in winter reaches not only those who suffer from it from nature. Even the owners of oily and combination skin with the onset of cold weather complain of excessive flaking, chapped skin, a feeling of tightness and the feeling of dehydration of the skin. In winter, the skin is really loses moisture intense, cold air, wind, frost, destroy the natural hydro-lipid balance, which helps the skin to maintain the Shine, elasticity, elasticity due to retention of moisture inside. To prevent dry skin, buy a good cream is not enough, we need a more comprehensive approach to reviewing many habits.


Update cosmetic bags

Hydration is the Foundation of beauty and skin health, because without water it dries, tablet, wrinkles and she is not able to resist the negative influence of aggressive environment with low temperatures. But moisture in the winter should give place to the food, if not entirely, largely to take on his former duties.

Dry skin in the winter requires review and decorative cosmetics. Buy a good nourishing lip balm and refrain from varnish, gloss and lipstick you used previously. Maybe it’s time to change and tonal tool, preferring transparent matting the full fluid liquid Foundation with light reflecting particles, which prevents the skin look dehydrated and dull.

If you have dry skin and in the summer you were using a moisturizer in the winter you need a nourishing cream, heavier texture that allows you to restore the lipid protection of the epidermis.

Oily and combination skin also needs a moderate power. If on the day you can do lighter textures, then at night the skin is desirable to restore night cream or deep nourishing mask, which will remove the peeling and smoothen the skin. Avoid peeling of the skin need to conduct regular but not too frequent peels that with the onset of cold weather must acquire a different character.


A new approach to water procedures

Scrubs, peels, to help exfoliate to remove dead skin particles, opening pores and normalize the skin respiration in winter should be different than in the summer. First, is to completely abandon funds with aggressive abrasive particles, especially if the skin is dry. Secondly, should not be abused acid peels, which further depletes skin of the protective film. Go to tools with careful peeling and creamy nutrient basis.

Replace washing gel with fruit acids on a soft cream gel or lotion. Shower gel substitute for cream or milk with a yogurt base, leaving on the skin after a shower silky and velvety.

Refrain from showering with hard brushes and gloves. While receiving any water treatments, whether it is morning or evening face wash, shower or bath, do not make the water too hot – it dries the skin and deprives it of lipid protection.


Caring for the skin

Many women, carefully taking care of the skin and carefully maintaining her youth and beauty, ignore the skin of the body, limited only regular showering. Winter skin needs special care, and if you will continue to ignore it, very soon it will be felt.

  • After the soul necessarily apply to the skin of the entire body moisturizing lotion, cream or body lotion. Focus on the penetration of the cream on his elbows, heels, where the skin is traditionally suffers from dryness and cracking.
  • For hands and feet need to buy nourishing creams, or balms for daily hydration and nutrition. They need to be applied in the morning, leaving it to act for the whole day, and in severe dryness can regularly to nourish the hands and feet in the evening, that means restoring the skin at night.


Winter cosmetics

For face and body, you can find good tools with nourishing effect of different series, but why not pay attention to the special series for the winter? Today there are enough of them for both face and body.

Examples of winter cosmetics:

  • the Winter series Solutions from Avon;
  • cream for face, hands and feet Akilwinter;
  • winter cream Fair&Lovely;
  • special winter cream Lady Esther;
  • winter series Apivita Eucalyptus;
  • cream Dove Winter Care;
  • moisturizing cream Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense;
  • winter series Ginseng Winter Cream from Pulanna.

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