Among the people involved in sports is very popular process today has become so-called drying of the body. This process is conditioned by the creation of the ideal shape for a short period of time. But do not forget about literacy and caution this process. Indeed, instead of benefit, it is possible simply to harm the body.
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As a rule, any drying of the body includes:

  • Proper nutrition and a certain diet
  • Intensive types of training
  • The taking certain medication

drying muscle mainly serves two purposes – it is a complete loss of body fat and preserve as many muscles. To achieve this effect, you need to get rid of the stocks of the so-called glycogen, which is in our body in the form of carbohydrates. After all cells of the human body is able to accumulate it, putting on the stock in the form of subcutaneous fat. Many people involved in sports, for some reason believe that glycogen can easily burn through training and its number will not be replenished. It is not so, because our body is in starvation begins the first thing to eat muscle mass, and then takes the fat. The result of such a diet would not be what you expected. Instead of relief contour muscles, you will get flabby body.

For proper drying, it is necessary to replenish the level of glucose in the body by eating enough protein and foods containing carbohydrates be reduced simply to a minimum. This will allow the body to burn excess fat and maintain muscle mass in the norm. But do not forget the fact that protein food is very hard on the liver and her long-term use can cause unnecessary complications. Therefore, it is important to balance your diet so as not to harm the body. Also during the drying it is necessary to accept a complex of vitamins and amino acids, to support muscle mass in a normal condition.
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To achieve greater effect of the drying process, it is necessary to conduct special training exercises aimed at burning fat. It was then that will be achieved good visible results and burned extra pounds of unwanted fat. Out sharply from the drying of the organism in any way’t lost weight quickly will take back its place and all the efforts made by you will be simply wasted.

Keeping all the above rules, you will achieve excellent terrain with minimal loss of muscle mass.

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