восточные туникиHistory tunic sends us to Ancient Greece and Rome, but in reality this garment was worn around the world. Times have changed, and now the modern Italians and Greeks wear this garment “on General grounds”, together with all obeying the breath of fashionable wind catwalks. This cannot be said of the peoples of the East, as representatives of many nationalities should wear tunics according to religious customs. It is not necessary, however Eastern tunic is established fashion category, which always returns the fashion world.


Muslim tunic: length and laconism

Tunics for Muslim women are significantly different from the models that are in the countries of other religions. Islamic tunics should not attract much attention, their goal is to hide the body, but in no case does not fit him. Unacceptable transparent and translucent fabric through which to Shine through the skin and you can guess the curves of the body. Fabric must be dense, but this does not mean that the Muslim tunic simple and unsophisticated. Quite the contrary, tunics can be made of expensive fabrics with a shiny finish, with rich embroidery, decorated by beautiful zones or trimmed with elegant on the edge.

Traditional Muslim is a long tunic shirt semi-fitted silhouette with sleeves that completely cover the wrist and neck. But if you look in the Internet-stores with the confessional clothes, you are not without surprise, finds that Arab tunic can be beautiful and stylish, if it has a collar-collar, opening the chest area, prudently covered with a bottom top.

Egyptian tunic perfectly recognized by the distinctive ornamentation, for example, gold embroidery in the chest. Modern tunic in the Egyptian style, different in design, white, beige or bright, solid colors, more lying or very broad, but almost always with a round or square throat cut.

If you are not indifferent to ethnic ornaments and juicy colors, Turkey with its style can be a great inspiration. Turkish dresses and tunics have long sleeves, mainly trapezoidal cut, which, depending on the length of the model, suitable to wear on the beach and in the city, combined with tight trousers. The feature that distinguishes Turkish tunics from many others – V-neckline, not very deep, decorated with embroidery. Popular tunic colored solutions, with ethnic prints, among which the textbook “Turkish cucumbers”, wonderful kombineerimise with this piece of clothing. Such tunics, or bright colored uniform, will be a great addition vacation wardrobe.


Asian models

Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, India and other Asian countries have their own national characteristics, which designers from year to year not cease to borrow for their collections.

Indian tunic style reminiscent of Turkish, with the only difference that in contrast to the more strict Muslim they have more diverse colors and have luxurious decor. The last is the embroidery only thread and the inclusion in it of stones, as very small crystals and large color. Many manufacturers, wishing to make Indian tunic convenient, without sacrificing its beauty and expressiveness of design, used smooth drum instead of surround embroidery, inlays and other textured versions of the decor.

Buy Indian tunic today is not difficult. Tunics from India or model with authentic ethnic design sold everywhere, and in the Internet-shops, and shopping Mall, and in a small network Department stores. But do not forget about the quality of things before buying, please make sure the mounting of decor, ensure that bright decorated tunic will not polinal after washing and will not lose sewn decorations.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai tunic. In contrast to all the above tunic in ethnic style of countries such as Japan and China, have a strong national flavor that differs from the middle East models.

The tunic in the Japanese style is clear lines, sometimes hard cut and often rounded throat cut small size. At first sight recognized kimono-robe, which has firmly taken root in the fashion world. These tops are a deep V-neck and smell or imitation smell with high waistline. This Japanese tunic has a wide sleeves in the style of “the bat”, which with its length does not pass the elbow or level three quarters hands. These models are good for full and pregnant women, but if they choose not shining and transparent tunic in dark colors with printed pattern.

Very close to this style tunics from Thailand, which are low cost and high masking properties and features stylish combinations. You can find Thai tunic with national patterns, bright or muted colors with luxurious Oriental ornaments, with the Paradise birds, flowers, water-colour drawings.

Traditional Chinese tunic sewn from shiny materials, natural or artificial silk or satin fabric has a delicate floral pattern on a contrasting background. The tunic in the Chinese style narrow, tight body, combined better with straight uni press, adjacent or broad “pipes”, necessarily monotone.

Korean fashion is also evolving and it has chosen its own way – a combination of ethnic hell with the influence of European design. Tunics from Korea largely repeat Thai and Japanese, but many designers can’t keep from avant-garde with the unbridled craving for asymmetry and complex motives at low prices.

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