Adhering to simple treatments for nails and hands can ever forget the dryness of the skin and exfoliating nails. If some procedures to do this regularly, then they will take very little time, and will not require so much effort. The main recommendation for beauty, not only Polish, but also the entire body is proper nutrition. The pledge of health of the body is to the health of the digestive system, which is reflected in the appearance in the first place.
Легкие рецепты домашнего ухода за ногтями2
Making manicure, use gentle nail plate files that do not contribute to delamination, as the metal. Removing the varnish, it is better to avoid funds containing acetone. And the rest will help homemade recipes masks that help to strengthen nails and make them healthy and shiny. Starting preparation medicinal mixtures, is to correctly choose the dishes, so it is not oxidized products and did not absorb foreign harmful substances. Ideal for preparation of masks, wooden and glass containers, for lack of fit and utensils, the main thing that it was not harmful to health, this will help kitchenware Gipfel.

Mask with the addition of hot pepper

Half a teaspoon of red hot pepper, 10 ml of cooled boiled water mixed with incomplete teaspoon cream for hands and heated on a water bath. When the mask is cool to put it on the tips of fingers and 15 minutes to wash hands thoroughly.
Легкие рецепты домашнего ухода за ногтями3
Nutrient bath

Mix 2-3 drops of iodine with lemon juice and vegetable oil and dip in the composition of the hands, and then for an hour better than them not to wet. It is desirable to do twice a week.

To do baths with added iodine, salt, vegetable or fruit juice, for example from cabbage, potatoes or currant. Such procedures will be useful not only to the nail, but the hands.

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