эффективные косметологические процедурыThe number of services offered in the modern aesthetic clinics and beauty salons, constantly growing. Inexperienced client is becoming more difficult to understand what effective beauty treatments are right for it and should be spent on the treatment or prevention. As the practice of experienced specialists, the effectiveness of the procedure is sometimes a relative, and that will benefit from one patient to another would be a waste of time and money.

However, there are several techniques that many experts call a real breakthrough in cosmetology. They should try to imagine, if necessary.



Termolifting known and used long enough, but in recent years the interest to this procedure has increased many times. Termolifting, also called radio lifting or radio frequency lifting, represents influence on the epidermis of radio frequency radiation, which gently warms the skin from the inside, stimulating intense cell renewal, starting the process of regeneration and rejuvenation. Termolifting shown as an effective anti-aging treatments, it allows you to update the skin without surgical and any other invasion of the body. Exposure occurs on the surface of the skin integrity is not broken.

The lifting is performed on different machines, the most effective and safe today recognized as the Regen Tripolar RF, allowing to combine powerful rejuvenating, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite effect with a low risk of side effects. Termolifting Regen Tripolar RF held on the face and body.


Laser therapy

Laser application in cosmetology incredibly widely, and it is difficult to find an area where would the laser beam was not used. With a laser it is possible to carry out a grinding skin, remove pigment spots, to reduce moles, reduce cellulite, get rid of unwanted vegetation, from acne and scars after her, from rosacea, stretch marks after pregnancy. For different procedures apply different types of lasers.

The advantage of laser treatment is simplicity and wide range of applications, no painful sensations during the procedure, short rehabilitation period. Disadvantages are connected with the selectivity of laser beam during hair removal only removes dark hair, not having any effect on the light and tiny. The same characteristic to destroy the melanin does not allow you to use the laser on a dark and tanned skin that covered clarified spots.



IPL-epilation called revolutionary method of removing unwanted vegetation on the face and body. This technology was developed by Israeli experts, it combines the advantages of multiple methods of hair removal, minimising the number of contraindications and side effects.

IPL-epilation is the effect on hair flow bi-polar radio frequency and optical energy. A single procedure is not enough, it is usually necessary course, the number of sessions depends on the type of hair, and the treated area. During each procedure removes the hair, which is in a stage of active growth – during which hair. But hair grows unevenly, so it takes several treatments that should be repeated.

To IPL-epilation there is a standard list of contraindications, however, sets it apart from other methods of hardware hair removal painless and highly effective after the whole course of treatment.



Biorevitalization – a procedure that involves the introduction into the deeper layers of the dermis of hyaluronic acid in different ways. Hyaluronic acid is essential for maintaining the beauty and youth of the skin, as it effectively keeps water inside, not allowing it to evaporate, and thus not allowing to purify and forming wrinkles. Biorevitalization ideally should be prescribed by a doctor, and not individually. The specialist will find the most suitable method of delivery hyaluronic acid, for example, with the help of laser irradiation or injection method.

Biorevitalization is considered an advanced technique for stimulating the skin to self-renewal. Unlike other anti-aging treatments, biorevitalization eliminates the risk of rejection skin because hyaluronic acid is her kindred.


LPG Endermologie

Endermologie is a hardware lipomassage and is considered one of the breakthroughs in the field of aesthetic medicine. The procedure involves a complex effect on the body, shape, cellulite removal, literal rastarivanie subcutaneous fat deposits with simultaneous seal skin, improving its relief, increasing the smoothness and pulling up. Effect of technology LPG Endermologie is not limited to purposeful destruction of fatty tissue, is much more extensive influence on the work of the body. After the procedure increases the immune system, the body’s resistance, the methodology has a positive effect on the work of many internal and systems.

Endermologie allows you to have a direct effect on adipose tissue of the body without surgery, which previously seemed impossible. The advantage of this non-invasive procedure is painless, the possibility of application on any skin area and a narrow range of contraindications.

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