Elena Malysheva doctor, nutritionist has developed a special diet for weight loss and simply maintain a healthy weight. The essence of the diet is minimal consumption of vegetable and animal fats, which reduces the calorific value and consequently reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. The percentage of salt in foods is also reduced, so fluid in the body will not be delayed, and this is the way to normal blood pressure. Diet practically excludes cakes, sugar, beets, carrots and alcohol. But sweets from the diet not excluded, since the shortage of glucose, the body begins to experience hunger.
Эффективная диета для похудения Елены Малышевой3
If the diet Malysheva fully met, you can easily achieve the desired result, you only need to follow the basic rules of method. First, you need to calculate the required body calories, according to age, sex and weight, there are special calculators daily needs. Secondly, tune in to positive, it is an important factor that directs the body to function properly. That is, the food will be spent on energy, not the accumulation of fat. The most interesting aspect of the diet is that there is no need to starve, just eat small portions, about five times a day. An essential condition of the diet is drinking water, because water environment provides normal stool. Based methods diet one should drink about ten glasses of plain water a day.
Эффективная диета для похудения Елены Малышевой
Most effective diet will be subject to the terms, which are designed for two to three months. A distinctive feature from other methods of weight loss, diet Malysheva saves the result achieved for a long period of about two years. While being absolutely harmless and much healing the body.

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