Currently there is a new effective method of getting rid of unwanted hair with the help of sugar depilation, or shugaring. This procedure is based on the removal of hair thick warm sugar syrup. This is absolutely painless depilation, not traumatize the skin, suitable for hair removal in sensitive areas (underarms, bikini area), prevents them from growing. Can also be used to remove hard hairline on all body parts.
Эффективная депиляция методом шугаринга1
Sugar waxing – procedure available in many beauty salons. For it is already finished paste shugaring, which comes usually in three types:

- soft (for hair removal average rigidity, for example, in his hands; lanugo hair);
– solid (removes unwanted stiff hair);
– average, or universal (bikini line hair removal and not very coarse hair).

To conduct shugaring house it is necessary to prepare a mixture on a simple recipe, consisting of 10 tablespoons of sugar, juice of 0.5 lemon and 20 ml of water. All components are mixed in a small saucepan, put it on a slow fire and stir constantly. After boiling sugar syrup should boil 10 more minutes until the acquisition of Golden hue. After that fire, turn off, and the resulting mixture will allow to cool slightly. Next apply a warm pasta депилируемый plot against the hair growth, top impose a piece of cloth and then ripping the growth process. This strips even the hairs of a length less than 1 mm
Shugaring can be done in another way: from the prepared mixture roll a ball and led them on sites with undesirable vegetation. In this case, the procedure will be less painful.
Эффективная депиляция методом шугаринга3
Sugar – 100%natural product, so the procedure shugaring passes quickly, efficiently, and without the side effects in the form of allergies and irritation, and most importantly, requires a significant cash outlay.

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